Software developer with a passion for Enterprise Application Integration

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I am currently working as a Software developer specialized in Enterprise Application Integration for Intellytix, Inc. and this work is in my desired career. I am graduated with a Master of Science degree in Applied Computer Science from Northwest Missouri State University in Dec 2014. I have been working in the field of IT from past three years starting my career in the United States with Cerebral Technologies, Inc., a global services provider for some reputed clients like Bank of America, T-Mobile, Walmart, MoneyGram etc. I worked for Cerebral for about 18 months and later I got an offer from Intellytix, Inc., a reputed company based out of Atlanta which is again a global services provider for reputed companies like Western Union Digital, Equinix, Riverbed Technology, etc. My current assignment is with Riverbed Technology, Inc. an American Information Technology company which has both software and hardware products that are focused on network performance monitoring, application performance management and products that deal with Wi-Fi and WAN optimization.

I work in the Information Technology department where the team mainly focuses on the Order management and Business to Business transactions and integrations. I work in the Enterprise Application Integration team where we use the products of TIBCO Software to build our interfaces and application services, work closely with other enterprise teams such as Salesforce, Oracle, API services & CPQ teams and we also work with external partners or vendors for the smooth flow of transactional documents exchange. The things I like most about my current job is that it’s very challenging and I have a good scope of learning new things every time. The team I work with is very friendly and supportive and they teach me new things and correct me when I make a mistake without having a second thought. The work life of this company is very good and it’s flexible enough which helps us to balance both our personal and work life. We have a game room to energize us when we are like bored or something. We have brainstorming sessions once a month where we can express our ideas or thoughts that might be helpful in improving the performance of the applications we use etc.

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We have Yoga sessions at work twice a week which provide the employees with physical and mental health benefits which in turn improves the productivity at work. There are obstacles stood in the way while initially looking for an opportunity to work in the Information Technology field. Applying for hundreds of companies, taking interviews and trying to maintain the immigration status in the initial stages is kind of hard and stressful. With having a passion and love towards the Computer systems and the evolving new technologies I would like to continue my career in the Information Technology and in the next 5 years I would like to see me in the position of a Technical Lead/ Architect for the Enterprise Application Integration in a reputed company. In the next 10 years, I would like to see me as a Sr. IT Manager where I would like to manage different IT teams.

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