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The Best Father in the World

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Im a kind of person that really cares for his family. I have a great education from my father and thats why I admire him for many reasons.

Hes a generous person, a great businessman, and a really good father. My dad is always helping people around him. He really cares for his family and he works hard to provide for his extended as well as, immediate family. He supports anyone that has problems with money, police, or any other kind of problem.

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The Best Father in the World
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He is the godfather for everyone in our family. My father is always here when they need them.In the same way, he has also helped his friends. For example: when his friend lost everything, he offered unlimited support to get him back on the right track.

He thinks that no one else can do it. He always works with the men word with his friend. He doesnt take a check or title from them for the safety of his money.

He is a generous person.

My dad had a horrible childhood. When he was three years old, his father passed away. He had to support his family, so he sacrificed himself for them. He left school at the age 12 years old and worked for $ 20 a week.

He had a lot of bad memories from his childhood as a consequence; it made him stronger and gave him experiences. He succeeds with the years and he got a lot of business experience. Now, he knows how to handle any kind of business. He could start any business and be sure that he succeeds on it.

For example: He bought huge land next to the best tourist area in Casablanca for lot of money. Everyone was thinking that it was a big mistake but it wasnt. After many years, the land value has tripled. I could say that he has the feeling of business in his blood.

My dad is a good father for our family. He sends his children to the best school and he doesnt care about the money. He is a powerful father, because he gave the education that he didnt get when he was younger. He made himself clear when something is wrong.

If I do same thing wrong, he talked to me one time. He was always there when I need him. For example, I failed my high school two times normally. If he had the Muslim mind, he would let me leave the school, but he didnt.

He always gave me a new chance.He gave me the energy to believe in myself and start again. He gave me the opportunity to study in United State of America, support my tuition and my living expenses. There are a few fathers in the world that can spend so much money for their children.

In my opinion, I think that my father is the best father I could have ever asked for. I will try my best to be like him by being helpful to my children and people around me. I hope to be able to send my children though college and give them the knowledge needed to successful in society.

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