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Summary of Mr. MOM Essay

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Author takes many examples to show that dads as the primary child-care provider in this society could cause which kind of comments and effects. At the beginning, writer gives an example from a father named Billy Steel, who has quitted his job staying with his son while his wife go back to work. He claims he follows his own father`s way, and he is satisfied with his choice. According to statistical data, there are approximately 143,000 stay-at-home dads in the United States who care about 245,000 children in 2005.

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Summary of Mr. MOM
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Peter Baylies, who wrote a book, named The Stay-at-Home Dad Handbook, points that if dads can have much time with their children, they can have better influence than moms do, because moms have a built-in bond with children. Some voices tell the difficulties always come from the way that moms and dads do when they spend their time at home. Fred Safipour, a man grew up in Iran says, in his country, it`s hardly to find fathers to be the children`s principle care provider.

He also says people in this society also use prejudiced vision treat this thing. The opinion from Dr. Michael Connor is the same, he has been treated as a suspect by some moms just because he play games with his daughter on the ground. He thinks that stay-at-home dads always occurred in suburban areas, where two incomes aren`t always necessary. Fathers can through stay with their children to find out what they miss in the relationship. He says love children openly is exactly the right thing that dads should do.

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