“Rich Dad Poor Dad”: The Rich Don’t Work for Money

Rich Dad Poor Dad  really focuses on how money works on a rich person by having controlling their fear and desire. It is true that we need to control our fear and desire. If we have fear we are afraid and then after that we have the desire to have or to move on it. I usually encounter this kind of situation for example when I buy clothes, I usually have fear to bought it because I am afraid to lose money on the end but still I have the desire to buy that clothes because it is my need.

But if we usually do this that fear and desire are really controlling us we should change, because we will end up nothing and afraid for something that we either want or not. “Money is not taught in schools. Schools focus on scholastic and professional skills, but not on financial skills. ” In all some of the quote this thing really strikes me most, because of the thing that we usually the one can figure it out to teach us about money rather in school. It is more in skills that is developing inside a school so that we can have a better job and to have a higher income.

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In school we usually study hard so that we can find a good company to work for so that we have income instead we study hard so that we can find a good company to buy. It is true that we should study more in handling money or on how money works so that on the end we know how can we buy a good company in a successful way. Taking risk are really part of understanding money, simply because we usually give up something in order to have a bigger opportunity or to have a better chance in life.

In this lesson the rich dad really teach the two children to take risk and to manage risk in order to understand the meaning of revolving their self in money. Managing risk sometimes frustrates us in a way that we ended up nothing, but we should think what the instances if we take it and manage it with big confidence, we can assure that we will achieve something in life. Being rich is one of the biggest dreams that everyone can think of, usually this dream is one of the common dream in world, why?

Because everyone wants an easy life that they will not work anymore and simply spend all their money on the things that they want. Yes for me this is a awesome idea but this concept really need to edit, we should not work but we should do something that can grow our money also in part of us or simply put some effort to grow their money. We usually need to buy or built a business that can make our money grow and grow. But in reality money is just an illusion. This is what the rich people known for that money is simply an illusion. Only fear and greed that billion of people believe that money is real.

It is true that if we are greedy enough we will see that money is important and all through out that money is there and it is real. In some cases we might bring this kind of thinking, as we grow older. We should think that is just a fake paper that we usually need for some instances but money is simply an illusion. I realize that after we graduate we will have job and then we will have salaries or paychecks and this thing will be deducted by different taxes that we are involve to, and the money that will be left will be used for some expenses so its is means that having a job is a short term problem to our long term problem.

Why? Because of the thing that we ended up in a cycle, cycle of working hard and then expenses are made so we need to let go money. So we are ending up nothing. When we go work and have stress we usually demand something to ourselves until we demand it to the higher people in the company that you is work for. Sometimes we screw the bosses so that we can demand raise, sometimes we tell that we work very hard much so we deserve something good. I see that people usually work for money because they need it and they want it.

Some people revolve around money they want easy life with no effort. This is kind of thinking is head thinking we usually think something that our head running too. We usually speak what our mind really wants. But they are will be a counter of a head thinking and this will be emotions thinking. Emotions thinking are where we think clearly in optimistic way. This is the way we should think of, the way we feels like. The feeling is mere important than thinking what you really feel. Like what the book said, “Learn to use your emotion to think, not think with your emotion”.

Being broke is simply different from poor, as the book defined it broke is just temporary but poor is eternal. It means that if you think that you don’t have money and considered your self a poor person you will ended up poor eternally because you will struggle to find money in order to pay debts, to pay all the expenses that you need, all your need should be sustain and then ended up nothing. But when we say broke we simply say that we are just out of money temporary. We should think that money will still be there but we have only little and we just need to grow what we have.

Some people say that they don’t need money but why do they still need to work for 8 hours or more? Right? If they don’t money they don’t need to work that long or simply say that they don’t need to have a job, and yet the people continue working. Sometimes they cover their selves by telling that they love their job. We should have the emotions to make us a human. Like the book said. Emotions are energy in motion we should be truthful about our emotions and use our mind and emotions in our favor not against. Its true we should be more true to ourselves rather than making something that we are not.

Our life is considered in a rat race. Why? Because we have this cycle that we go to work and then pay bills, then go to work and pay the bills again. This is the cycle we usually see. So our lives are forever controlled by our two emotions that are fear and greed. Fear because this is where we get the motivation to work hard, and greed or we can call it desire starts thinking about all the good and wonderful things that can buy, this is according to the book. Yes I can say that our lives are simply rat race.

Almost all Filipinos are in the rat race, because they only have one goal, having salary and then pay their bills and expenses then again and again and again. Even for me I considered myself in a rat race, why? Because everytime I have my “baon” I will spend it pay all of my expenses considering my load allowance, travel expenses, food expenses and a lot more. Another thing I am alone here in the Philippines my parents send money also for the bills in our home like “MERALCO”, cable, water, internet and many more. Like what the book said that once we receive money we spend it.

I been living this kind of world even I’m with my parents. I have also fear that everytime my parents send money and paid all the bills and expenses I will ended up nothing or I will have no more money to spend what I want or what I need. But now on what I just read I felt like I don’t need to worry about the money I should take care of it and know how to handle it. Let you or me control your fear not the fear controls you. Let also your money work for you, not you will work for money. And if you don’t have any money again don’t let your emotion runs your head but let you think something that will push you forward.

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