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The writer initially dreaded taking English Composition (1) in their second semester of university, but was pleasantly surprised by their lecturer, Mr. Dolabaille. Despite the late class times and students feeling drained, the atmosphere at the school was conducive to learning. Mr. Dolabaille’s teaching style, which involved humor and personal anecdotes, made the class enjoyable and memorable. The writer now enjoys the subject and is considering taking English Composition (2) next semester. The writer suggests that other teachers should also make an effort to captivate their students’ attention.

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Despite my strong dislike for English, I had to register for English Composition (1) in my second semester of university, as advised by my advisor.

Given the topic, I felt restricted and faced a challenging situation. During my first week of the semester, I was assigned to a classroom with about forty students. The classes took place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:20pm to 8:35pm. Generally, during these evening hours, it was common for most, if not all, students to experience fatigue from their previous classes or jobs.

The school has a cohesive atmosphere for learning, especially when surrounded by lush nature. The nights can be cold due to the nearby rivers and springs, making many people long for their beds at home. Mr. Dolabaille, the class lecturer, is considered a savior at the school.

The lecturer’s teaching style, characterized by various techniques and humor, brings laughter and joy to the class. Although some students may view his antics and body movements as eccentric, they effectively alleviate stress and turn a bad day into a good one. He seamlessly integrates his personal life and everyday experiences into his lectures. If, after all this, the majority of the class still does not enjoy English, it is advisable for them to undergo psychological evaluation.

Many students, like me, would share the clarity of the topic taught during the evening session with their classmates. In my alone moments, I would nostalgically smile, thinking about the humorous moments in class while also reminiscing about ways to apply what I learned. Despite initially disliking the subject, I am now developing a fondness for it. It is important for other teachers to take note and put in extra effort to engage their students and emphasize the topics being taught.

Thanks to Mr. Dolabaille, my wonderful experience has led me to consider taking English Composition (2) next semester.

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