My English Class Experience

English is one subject I dreaded - My English Class Experience introduction. This semester being my second semester in university; I was told by advisor that I had to do English Composition (1). My back was up against a wall as I had no choice in coming to terms with this subject chosen for me. My first week into the semester I was place into a classroom with and average of forty students. The class times were from 7:20pm to 8:35pm every Monday and Wednesday. Normally at nights most or if not all the students would be drained from prior classes during the day and the working students drained from their place of employment.

The atmosphere at the school is very cohesive for learning especially when you are surrounded by lush nature. The nights could be cold due to the nearby rivers and springs near by as to such most people could hear their beds calling from home. Mr. Dolabaille the class lecturer is like a God sent to the school. I did not realize the different techniques he uses in his style of teaching which brings a lot of humor and uncontrollable laughter to the class.

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Many student would think that he is crazy with his many antics and body movements making anybody stressful day into a good one. This lecturer incorporates his personal life and everyday experiences into lecturing his class. If by now the majority of the class does not like English then they need psychological evaluation. Many students like me would share with other class members the clarity of the topic we were taught during the session that evening.

In my quiet moments alone, I would reminisce and smile to myself thinking about the funny moments in class and yet remembering ways of putting what I was taught into practice. Despite my dislike towards the subject at first I am now beginning to fall in love with it. Other teachers should take note and make and extra effort to captivate their classroom attention rather than teaching a topic without any emphasis. Due to my wonderful experience I am now contemplating on deciding on doing English Composition (2) in my next semester. Thanks to Mr. Dolabaille.

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