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My Favorite Restaurant

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I don’t like homemade food too much so I often tend to go out to have lunch or dinner; I’m not talking about fast food, in fact I don’t like fast food that much. So the first place that always popped to my mind is the Ponto Alto restaurant; it is my favorite restaurant in town for many reasons. I visit this restaurant 2 to 3 per week; it is located on a hill in the Bahsass area in front of the sea, so you can imagine how beautiful the view is up there.

This is the biggest reason why I like this restaurant the view is amazing especially during the sunset!

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My Favorite Restaurant
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One can sit-down and have their food while looking to its beautiful view, it is so relieving. Of course since I go there a lot the food must be great. It serves Italian food such as pasta and pizza and also large varieties of chicken and beef with its remarkable sauce.

It’s not like fast-food it much closer to home food but more delicious and very healthy also. The décor and design inside are very creative; it has a large painting on the ceiling with cheerful colors that draws a smile on your face every time you look up and see it.

Moreover, the restaurant also play many classical English and French music, which make you relax and comfortable! Lastly all the servants in the restaurant are both warm and hospitable they make you feel like at home. In conclusion, I think that Ponto Alto is the perfect place to eat and have a quite time especially if you are out with the wife or girl friend. I don’t hesitate for a second to recommend anyone to visit and try this unique restaurant.

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