Stories Of Amy Tan And Fannie Flag Essay

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Two of My Favorite Books

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Stories Of Amy Tan And Fannie Flag
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Two novels that I could read over and over once more, & # 8220 ; The Joy Luck Club & # 8221 ; by Amy Tan and & # 8220 ; Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Caf? & # 8221 ; by Fannie Flag. The two novels portion similar qualities while conveying their different narrative lines.

& # 8220 ; The Joy Luck Club & # 8221 ; is a sage about several Chinese female parents and their American-born girls. It is besides about the female parents & # 8217 ; experiences with immigrating, and/or their upbringing. It depicts the relationship between the female parents & # 8217 ; and their girls and how this relationship affects the girls lives. Emphasis is placed on historical mentions and the battle of adult females. All of the female parents were born between the mid 1920 & # 8217 ; s and the late 1940 & # 8217 ; s. The political and societal histories of China were of import factors in the character constructing young person of these adult females. Between 1931 and 1945 China was occupied by the Japanese, which led to their in-migration to the United States. Chinese cultural traditions such as ordered matrimonies, different faiths, and superstitious impressions, all which repress adult females, besides influenced their character. A great trade of importance is placed on the assortment of traditions that were placed on them. The subject of tradition being passed down from female parent to girl is besides stressed. This peculiar tradition is non explicitly expressed. In order for it to be preserved and handed down it is to be observed, absorbed, and understood. Yet one of the chief ( thoughts ) points of the novel is to demo that these traditions were non imposed on the American-born girls as they were on their female parents. In bend, this leads to the huge differences and struggles between the female parents and their girls. Some of the differences and struggles are good while others are non.

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Caf? is a fresh about two adult females in the 1980 & # 8217 ; s. An aged Mrs. Threadgood tells a narrative of two immature adult females, which takes topographic point over half a cen

tury ago, to Evelyn, a sad down middle-aged adult female. The narrative is about the relationship between Idgie, a daring diabolic romp and her charitable friend Ruth. Together, in the 1930’s, they ran a southern caf? , offering good barbeque, good java, and all sorts of love and laughter in Whistle Stop, Alabama. As Mrs. Threadgood tells the narrative of the yesteryear, the present for Evelyn will ne’er be the same. The narrative of the relationship between Idgie and Ruth and all of the escapades and play that they endured together gave Evelyn hope. They inspired her to do alterations in her ain life. The book besides gives mention to the historically preconceived impressions of Southerners, separate and non equal. It excessively shows the battle of adult females because of cultural thoughts. It besides suggests the value of tradition. It recalls the epoch when life revolved around the eventide repast, a clip when mealtimes were merely every bit fostering as they were nurturing. The rubric it self gives name to an old southern traditional formula, fried green tomatoes.

Although these two narratives are really alone in their ain manner, they besides portion legion similarities. They are both novels that anyone can place with. They have all of the qualities that make it cosmopolitan: relationships, history, civilization, and tradition. The narratives deal with relevant issues that all can associate to. Male influences, friendly relationship, civilization clangs, and tradition are all applicable to people at some period of clip in their lives. They both focus on the antique clang between coevalss and demo the turbulency it creates in relationships. History and cultural tradition are besides of importance in each. They each lay the foundations for each of the characters. They are besides similar because they teach to value tradition through the art of storytelling. This thought entirely makes these two novels, with really different narratives, similar. They whole bases for each book is based on the characters relaying their life narratives, values, and lessons learned.

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