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The author shares three hobbies that they enjoy: watching movies, reading, and baking. They enjoy watching sci-fi movies such as Star Wars and Biohazard as it helps them learn English and find inspiration. Reading was initially boring for the author but they now enjoy it as it has widened their horizons and improved their patience. Baking is the author’s third hobby as they love to eat desserts and finds it a way to release stress. They also enjoy decorating desserts for different occasions and sharing their creations with family and friends. The author recommends trying these hobbies for a beneficial living experience.

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Today, I want to talk about my hobbies. One of the things I really enjoy doing is watching movies, especially sci-fi films like Star Wars, Walking Dead, and Biohazard. Star Wars holds a special place in my heart because it’s my absolute favorite movie. This hobby has various benefits for me. Firstly, it helps me improve my English skills since I watch these movies without subtitles. This allows me to learn new words and phrases, including specific names and uncommon terms such as blast, escape pod, and power generation shield. It’s an interesting way for me to enhance my English proficiency. Secondly, certain dialogues in movies provide inspiration for me. For instance, Shawshank Redemption contains the quote “Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.”

“Fear can paralyze you, but with faith, there are no limits to your achievements,” is an incredibly inspiring sentence. Additionally, reading has become my second favorite hobby. At first, I resisted it and found it boring and time-consuming. However, once I started reading, I became enthralled. During my childhood, my impatience prevented me from focusing on anything for long periods of time. To improve my concentration, my elementary school teacher suggested that I begin reading. Surprisingly, I discovered that reading was far more captivating than expected. It has expanded my knowledge by teaching me about diverse cultures in various countries, specific terms in Economics, and even theories in supply chain management for business operations. Reading not only increased my understanding but also cultivated patience.”

Finally, my third hobby is baking. Baking is my hobby because I love to eat, especially desserts. I enjoy making cookies, cakes, pies, and pretty much every dessert, because I get to eat it right after. In addition, baking helps me release stress and takes me to a whole new world where I can mix batter and get messy without worrying. Another aspect of baking that I really like is that there’s always something appropriate for every occasion. For Halloween, I can decorate cupcakes and cookies with spooky witches and ghosts. Similarly, for Valentine’s Day, I can use hearts as decorations. Most importantly, I can share my creations with my family and beloved friends. These are my favorite hobbies that I highly recommend you try. I strongly believe they will benefit your life. Thank you for your attention.

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