My Future Goals Is Study Computer Science

Change is intrinsic to human being, making it the only thing that is constant in life. As old and cliché as this may sound, the world continues to assert this as we also see the dynamics in people, organizations, and technology. In this world, Computer has and is still conquering every aspect of life. This has inspired me to take part in the revolution ignited by the use of computers rather than settling as a direct consumer. I desire to be at the forefront of these creative efforts.

Computer science needs someone who can think logically, have a problem-solving mind, and also communicate perfectly. I believe all subjects I offered and training that I have engaged myself with has made me closer to this person. My years and engagement in High School have really bestowed great values in me that have enabled my thinking ability towards solving problems and communicating ideas. One major engagement I had out of many in High School is the Jet club society designed to improve students in the science world. I engaged in lots of research and practice. The logical assignments given to us have helped built me up mentally and physically.

I have always wanted to study Computer science at higher level education from an alarmingly early age. I got fascinated about how computer works and what was used in creating something extraordinary which makes work easy for the masses. With the acquired knowledge gotten from High School through the Jet Club, I realized that technology has taken a massive turn in the world which various companies, organizations, schools, hospitals, the government now depend on. These made me realize how important it is for me to contribute to the tech world. After my graduation from High School, I engage myself with some computer packages, acquiring as much as I can for a promising tech future in the computer world which I have set for myself.

I did well in my science subjects due to my positive interest which is intrinsic to me. This helped in my performance in Mathematics and Physics. These two subjects got me inspired with the strong desire for coding and programming. I recently completed a foundation program which involved Microsoft Office Suite, and Computer Overview. But my major goal in the computer science world is to be vast in coding as it is the backbone of computer science. Considering my keen passion for programming, I am too enthusiastic to pursue my Bachelor’s in Computer science. My plan for the future is to learn Java and SQL (Structured Query Language) proficiently. I’ll do my best to make a good relationship with my teachers and fellow students to make the university a better place.

Another reason for choosing the computer science field is because of various career opportunities it is providing. There will always be a high demand for programmers all around the world due to the advancing technology. With all these advancements happening very rapidly, it is unpredictable to say what technology will be in the future to come. And I really believe that my curiosity and passion for this field will always continue to remain the same because of this. I always like to handle challenges and am flexible with handling stress. I am also very adaptable and is very detail-oriented in whatever I do. So I firmly believe that I have the basic qualities and skills necessary for the successful completion of this program.

After going through the subject description and the available syllabus, I have made up my mind to study my Bachelor’s in Computer science in one of the esteemed Universities. And I strongly believe I can certainly achieve that in Pace University – New York City. I look forward to starting a lifetime dream of studying my Bachelor of Computer Science in Pace University – New York City.

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