My Goals in Life Essay

My goals in life begin with accomplishing certain things in the short term - My Goals in Life Essay introduction. I have already been accepted into Michigan State University and have a small handful of credits from AP tests in high school. Next is to successfully incorporate myself into the life of a college student, including the responsibility and fun experience of a college student. I want to be able to continue this path to becoming educated and taking on more responsibility in my community. Recycling, tutoring, and volunteering whenever I come to visit on weekends from college is a very simple way to help out my community while I am away at college.

I already help out my school’s Environmental Action Council by recycling after school. I am joining the Ultimate Frisbee Team at MSU, called the Burning Coaches. By continuing to educate myself and work hard to be a great citizen, I hope to set myself up for accomplishing my long term goals and succeeding in my life. The long term goals I am working toward are simple, yet require me to work hard and not waver on the path of my life. I want the middle class dream: a two story house with a yard, a school with which I am happy to send my future kids to, and a family which lives together. Simple as it may be, it is not so common in today’s world.

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I want a career with which I can be happy with. I want to use my degree I earn from college and use it to get a career with I can support my future family and wake up every morning feeling fine. To me at this point in my life, there isn’t much more that could make me happier than the thought of having a nice looking home and a family who’s living together in the same household. Once settled in, wherever my home will be inside Barry County, I intend to get involved with community service. Whether that is building things, cleaning up trash, or just being part of big brother, I will be a positive impact in my community.

Eventually as I head towards retirement, I want to start a scholarship fund. Realistically, it will be small, probably around $1,000. No matter, I want to help young students go on to college and become educated, much in the same way I have been helped by many scholarship opportunities. I still don’t know what I will end up being in life. I am planning on double majoring in Chemical Engineering and Biosystems Engineering, perhaps graduate school, but the one thing I do know for certain is my effort to be a positive impact on the world and the people around me will remain with me throughout my life.

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