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My Farher is My Idol

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Who is your graven image? Almost everyone has their graven images. including me. I besides have my ain favorite graven image. That individual whose qualifies I peculiar admire is my male parent. He is 48 old ages old now. For me. I think my male parent is the most hardworking adult male in the universe. He is really just and tall. He is still really healthy because he ever takes balanced diet. He dislikes to devour alcoholic drinks and does non smoke at all.

He is truly a great hubby and a great male parent excessively.

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My Farher is My Idol
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He was non born with a Ag spoon in his oral cavity. Due to his family’s poorness. he ought to work to gain money although he was still immature. Life was non a bed of roses to him. he lived at a bedraggled house for many old ages and did non fault his parents at all. He is non similar us. when we feel hot.

we will murmur at our parents and take a firm stand them to repair an air-conditioner for us. He is a really understanding adult male and obey his parents’ orders either.

My male parent is the oldest among five siblings. He prefers to analyze hard. His aspiration is to be a physician when he grows up. Unfortunately. his parents differ because his parent told him that they could non afford to pay the disbursals for his instruction. That truly allow my father down. but he did non give up at all. He was willing to give his ain felicity in order to guarantee other person’s felicity. He was willing to give his ain survey and followed his parent’s suggestion to work as a bricklayer in a building company in Singapore. He was still immature and had a long hereafter. but he decided to work entirely in Singapore merely to convey place the bacon. This was because my gramps was unable to work any more. Therefore. my male parent became the exclusive breadwinner of his household.

My male parent said to me. for him it didn’t affair that himself was non knowing. to be a good individual and well behaved were plenty. The most of import thing is even though my male parent did non hold the chance to analyze overseas but he ever encouraged his siblings to analyze hard. He worked really hard merely to let his siblings to hold more opportunities to analyze better. This shows that he does non merely care for others. but he is non selfish.

My male parent is a really persevering adult male. He is besides low. When he worked as a bricklayer. he ever worked overtime to gain excess money for his household. Although he worked at Singapore. he normally went back to see my grandparents. When he came back. he would rub down his parents. Apart from that. he besides brought them sight-seeing around the town. My male parent ne’er blamed anyone for his destiny. He is an observant adult male excessively. When my grandparents had symptoms like cough. he instantly sent them to clinic.

Then. when he got married. he even worked harder because he knew that he had to back up a household of his ain. Because my male parent is honest. his matrimony lasted until now. I hope that his matrimony will everlasting. I love and admire my male parent because he has many good qualities. When I grow up. I want to be like him. Daddy. I am truly proud of you!

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