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Business Strategy of Carrefour

Grocery store

Mergers and acquisitions



Strategic Management


Words: 4704 (19 pages)

[pic] [pic] Content Page 1. 0Executive Summary The rapid growth of emerging market economies in Asia have seen a marked increase in disposable incomes leading to a considerable increase in confidence and consumption. The Asian Financial Crisis in 1997-98 that caused abrupt withdrawal of international capital proved to be a temporary setback and ground has…

Mattel Toy Recalls






Words: 827 (4 pages)

Q1. Who are Mattel’s stakeholders? Who did Mattel cater to in the recall? What are the long-term implications of the stakeholder approach the company adopted? Stakeholders are the people, groups or organisations that have a direct or indirect stake in an organisation and can be affected by the organization’s actions, objectives, and policies. Key stakeholders…

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Corporate Social Responsibility




Social responsibility

Sustainable Development

Words: 2221 (9 pages)

Then the article will describe and evaluate the methods by the company to solve the issues. In addition, better ways for settle the problems and reasons for that will be involved as well. Last but not least, there will be some implications for companies and managers if they suffer from a similar condition in international…

Report about Business Ethics VEDAN Company



Natural Environment



Social responsibility


Words: 2091 (9 pages)

Diploma in Business Management Assessed Assignment – Business Ethics VEDAN company Introduction In all means of communication media, business ethic is always a hot topic as it reflects the attitude of a business toward any public issues, especially matters related to environment and the damage to human’s life can collect the most concerns from public…

Transforming Carlsberg into a Cosmopolitan Firm

Corporate Social Responsibility


Mergers and acquisitions


Strategic Management

Strategic Planning


Words: 3698 (15 pages)

The two breweries need to become one. The main goal of mergers and acquisitions ies in the creation of value that can be gained by such transactions. When integrating two different companies the core competences of both should be combined, in order to take advantage of the best possible benefits. Such benefits are e. g….

Assignment for English for Business







Waste Management

Words: 2301 (10 pages)

The company P. Square (Protect and Preserve) was established on 16 Me 2005 by Mr.. James Albert and his partner Mr.. Anthony. Initially, P. Square started it operations as one of the company selling electrical appliances and it started to operate in Japan. It was their headquarter office when they started to begin their operations….

Pret a Manger Project





Strategic Management

Words: 4621 (19 pages)

Some information were easy to find, while others not so easy. We divided the work between us, because we thought that this way each member will be more efficient. Of course, you drown our attention that the report should be a whole and all parts should be in harmony. We tried to harmonize our work…

Lou Gerstner Making IBM Network-Centric

Business Process

Organizational Culture



Words: 354 (2 pages)

1. What struggles does Lou Gerstner face in his plan to makeIBM network-centric? Consider internal and externalIn order to make Lou Gerstners plan effective he hadto make many changes with in the IBM company. Gerstner setup a team with Jerry York and Richard Thoman along board. Some changes that were made with in IBM were,…

Blood Banana Case: Chiquita in Columbia




Supply Chain

Words: 986 (4 pages)

As learned in class, the advantages of international business are great, but so are the risks. Some of the risks involve ethical issues as the ones Chiquita faced doing business in Columbia. Chiquita was the first to successfully internationalize banana trade; Chiquita did so by paying special attention to retail development and followed industry trends….

Cracker Jack Case Analysis


Grocery store




Target market

Words: 932 (4 pages)

The primary reason for the Borden Foods to divert itself from snacks is to emphasis its efforts and resources in the growth of their whole-wheat meal segments. Because of this valuation they had and a growth plan they had they decided to announce sale of Cracker Jack in 1997. The management team of Broaden also…

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