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Howard Days 2016 Guest of Honor Announced

Big News: Here is the announcement of the Guest of Honor for this years Howard Days from the Howard Days Facebook page: The Robert E. Howard Foundation and Project Pride of Cross Plains, Texas are proud to announce the dates and Guest of Honor for the 2016 version of Howard Days, to be held June …

The Hero and the Notion of Personal Honor in the Homeric Culture

The Hero and the Notion of Personal Honor in the Homeric Culture Introduction             Heroes are depicted in literature in various ways. Homer, the author of epic poems “Iliad” and “The Odyssey” has portrayed his characters as heroes in his works. In Homeric culture, heroes strive to uphold their personal honor, for them honor was …

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Reflection on Honor and Glorification of Death

Is it glorious to die for your country?…. This question has been posed to many young people about to embark on war although the answer has usually been ‘yes’ in response to their country due mainly to the fact that the government instills it in the people of the country to support one’s country and …

The Torso of a God at the Legion of Honor Museum

Throughout different time periods and civilizations come many different types of art that would never be comparable to those of another time or place. There are also the pieces that come from a completely different time and place, but yet they can still be compared to one another. The Torso of a God (Egyptian, New …

Math Honor Society

Statistics is a major component of card counting. To be successful with card counting, one must use statistics to determine the probability of winning. This is proven true by the MIT blackjack team. The team counts cards at casinos and uses statistics to increase its odds of beating the house. Statistics correlates to card counting …

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