Which Is More Important: Qality Job or Doing the Job Under Time Limits?

Time is an imp. Factor in every field. Do you think following strict time limits is more important than giving quality results?

Although giving quality results is quite important when doing jobs, following strict time limits is more significant in today’s societies. This can be observed in both our personal and social life. In the following essay, I would support my idea by reasons and authentic examples.

To begin with, in our personal life, we follow some path in our daily activities in a timely organized manner. The expression “time is gold” is quite accepted. There is a time pressure; if we miss one point today we would like to do it tomorrow. For example, a working mother must always watch the time if she wants to manage both the works inside and outside the house.

Secondly, the society constrains us to get the job done at a definite time, otherwise it would not be considered effective or we need to follow another rule or regulation. For example, any test has a time limit to be completed or it is not considered valid; any assignment has a certain time to be submitted or it is not accepted; any rule in the society has time limitations or it is not a rule.

Time management is a valuable aspect in our lives. Whether it is part of our personal life or is related to the society constraints and expectations, there always seems to be a time limit for our activities. Having some background and related experience, the individual would be able to get to quality results even under strict time limits.

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