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Professional Development in Consulting Business



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    One of the most important things for me is applying my knowledge and skills. I feel really confident in the subject matter I studied and realize that it is now time for my knowledge to be applied to real business world. Following my motto stated above I am passionate about work that I think I can do best. The position of a consultant always attracted me. I love the idea of the job itself: to teach people and help them get better results. This is the work where one can use one’s imagination, bring one’s ideas to the reality, be creative and think in such a way that will solve business problems and thus have positive impact on the clients’ business. Based on my experience (I have tried working as a manager, computer tutor) the position of a consultant is the one that best complies with my character, my abilities and this is what I really want to do. To be even more precise I am more interested in consulting specifically focusing on Financial restructuring, M&A, e-business and in particular I want to promote this field in South Korea which I find a wonderful location for implementing the ideas I already have.   

    I have a clear idea of my career path which I am aiming to follow. I want to be a specialist who can give consulting service to all industries and help them to suceed and improve their business. I would like to start with consulting of small firms and to feel deeply the environment these frims do their business in, to understand every single element of the problem in order to be able to work out a truly correct solution. Progressing every day I want to get a consulting long-term project for one of the largest and best-known concerns. I am fully aware of the efforts and perseverance needed from my side. I imagine  that every single day of my professional life will bring me new knowledge, experiences, lessons, contacts and lead me to my goal – to make my own consulting firm.

    At the moment I do want to apply everything I learned, am still learning and will learn. I think that the opportunites the firm A.T. Kearney offers are the best for a young beginner who wants to make his career in consulting business. The friendly environment, intellegent and motivated team, opportunities to apply one’s knowledge and skills as well as to learn more – these are advantages which can motivate any applicant.

    Another motivating factor is the way the company approaches its employees and values every one of them as the main resource. I realize what a perspective A.T. Kearney creates for the people investing into their training and prefessional development and I find it to be a big plus for both, the company that wants to keep its leading position in the market and for the employees who strive for being leaders not only in the firm but may be in their own business community.

    I also find it really positive that the company evaluates every beginner, gives him just the right tasks depending on his knowledge and abilities, as well as contributes to his professional development defining his career path. This is just how I imagine my employment: a reasonable combination of executing tasks and advancing the knowledge.

    The motto of A.T.Kearney “your ideas make a difference” makes clear to me that this is the place where I can bring my ideas to the reality, get valuable experience and make my first step towards my dream.

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