My Characteristic – My Views on Life

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As a truth-seeker, I approach life with contemplation, reason, and logic, engaging in constant skeptical debates on every presented concept.

I possess a keen intuition and possess a complex thought process. I diligently delve into all matters comprehensively. Moreover, I display traits of patience and stoicism, yet simultaneously harbor a wicked and vengeful side. I am capable of detachment from my surroundings when desired, while also harboring intense animosity and acting upon it.

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My outlook on life is impacted by my individual traits and life experiences. From a young age, multiple elements have molded who I am, such as the wisdom passed down from my father and uncle, both avid truth-seekers. Philosophy consistently acts as a guiding force in all my endeavors, granting me a profound tranquility and direction in life.

My perspective on life centers around the quest for happiness and enlightenment, seeking guidance from external sources. Experiencing racism during my younger years has molded me into a resilient and empathetic individual. Thus, I hold the belief that many people in this nation lack education and understanding, which hinders their ability to coexist with individuals like myself. The notion of power has always intrigued me throughout my existence, particularly when it pertains to influential figures in the civil rights movement such as Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., as well as controversial speakers like Louis Farrakhan or Marcus Garvey.

In my belief, individuals possessing exceptional intelligence, profound philosophical comprehension, or extensive knowledge should share their insights with others. However, this obligation should not be fulfilled through hollow rituals, prayers, or superficial elements of modern religion. Instead, it ought to be achieved through valuable education and guidance. In my vision for the future, I see myself evolving into a captivating speaker. Furthermore, I have come to acknowledge that life is highly unpredictable and often unfair.

Despite the knowledge gained that hard work doesn’t always lead to success and cheaters can sometimes prosper, I have also learned that honesty is not always the most advantageous approach and practice does not guarantee perfection. Witnessing compassionate individuals endure pain and suffering due to illness has convinced me that the only way to offset these unpredictable shifts in fate is by cultivating mental resilience.

If my established views and life guidelines have merit and are strong, they will remain relatively unchanged even after twenty years. My aim is to maintain rationality, patience, and logical thinking. I will continue to be a complex and thoughtful individual, constantly seeking truth. Hopefully, I will have transformed from being manipulative and evil to being described as successful and responsible.

I anticipate being regarded as a leader, persistently expressing my beliefs on life and my philosophies regarding its purpose and the attainment of ambitious goals (regardless of whether the world pays heed or not). When I eventually write my autobiography, even though it may sound conceited, I will entitle it Life: Explained.

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