Heaven is under Mother’s Feet

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There is an old Arabic saying that says that “Heaven is under mother’s feet”. The reason for this is that it is because Mom lives her life to ensure that all of her children grow up properly and that they are all raised well.

It is the goal of every mom to ensure that their children always become the best that they can be.  It is difficult to explain everything that my mother does to make me happy but it is the little things that only a mother can pay attention to that make her the most special person in the world for me.My Mom is the center of all happiness for me. She brightness up my life.

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I know of no happiness without my mother.  The day goes by and I am faced with many challenges but at the end of each day I know that I will be very happy because my Mom is there for me.  As such, she has been the single greatest influence in my life.First of all, my mother is the greatest influence in my life because of the trust that she has in me.

Since my mother trusts me, I always strive to do what is good and virtuous because I know that doing the opposite will betray that trust and make me feel guilty.  There are times that I recall when I was about to do something that was wrong and I would stop myself from doing so because of the thought of my mother.  Times that I would drink or smoke but then just as quickly desist from doing so for fear of betraying that trust.  The trust that me and my mother share also works both ways because I also trust that what she has taught me about what is right and what is wrong is true.

There is no doubt in my mind that my mother always has my best interest at heart.  My mother has known me all my life and it is that bond that I trust to lead me away from wrong and down the path of honor and virtue.Secondly, my mom is not only a mom to me; she’s also my friend at the same time.  She makes me feel that it is fine to tell her any of my problems.

She used to take me with her wherever she travelled.  She treated me like a man since I was young which made me closer to her when I grew up.  Moreover, she let me know her friends and talked to them as my friends.  This type of relationship makes it easier for me to relate and communicate with my mother and it has helped me a lot and helped me grow up to become a responsible young man.

Another thing that makes my mom very influential in my life is that my mom is very caring and thoughtful.  What I like the most about my mom is that she gives a lot of love.  She loves me and my six (6) siblings equally.  She taught us that while we needed to develop our own skills, she is still always around when we need her help and support.

She never forgets to offer us encouragement.  My mother always makes sure that we never have to overcome our problems and challenges alone.  It feels like a team where one never feels alone because there will always be somebody there who will help in times of need.  A perfect example of this would be during graduations in our family.

While we were never really given special awards, she would always make sure to buy us gifts and special tokens to remember that special day.  We may have never won the top honors and awards but for my mother, the fact that we graduated was enough for us to warrant that special gift and attention.All in all, that is why the saying “Heaven is under mother’s feet”, means a lot for me. There is always something missing in my happiness whenever she is not there with me to share it or to take part in my happy moment.

But it doesn’t ruin my day because I know that when I see her again, I will give her a big hug and complete that happiness.

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