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Hell Heaven Jhumpa Lahiri

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Theory There are many different causes of crime in the Criminal Justice system today. Here are three causes of crimes of my own opinion. Poor judgment, meaning lack of ability to think or act clearly, criticism meaning being picked on all your life and being put down in a negative way, and revenge meaning getting back at someone who has caused you pain or suffering and has done physical or mental harm to your family or friends. Poor judgment can be looked at in many different perspectives.

It can mean going to a bar or party and consuming so much alcohol that the substance can effect your ability to operate a vehicle.

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Hell Heaven Jhumpa Lahiri
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If a person was to get in the vehicle and attempt to drive it, that would be considered poor judgment. Poor judgment comes into play when the alcohol takes over their body and ability to think and act clearly. The person doesn’t know what they are doing and they can cause a head-on collision with an innocent person and cause their death all because they decided to operate a vehicle under the influence.

Drugs are also considered a substance causing poor judgment from the lack of being in their right mind.

Consuming illegal drugs or even prescription drugs that tell you on the bottle not to operate heavy machinery or a vehicle, can and will make a person feel invincible, meaning their entire body could be numb or that they don’t have a single care in the world. If a person under the influence of any substance takes a high powered rifle and is aiming it at a friend just to play around, they might accidentally pull the trigger and not have a clue to what happened from having poor judgment and have to face life in prison, which leads us to the cause of the crime committed.

The list for causes of crimes could be enormous, from the fact that there are so many ways poor judgment can lead to someone else’s death or serious injury putting their lives at risk. It can lead anywhere from a hunter in the woods thinking a person walking to their tree stand three hundred yards away is a deer, to a husband coming home early from work and killing his landscapers new employee thinking the employee is having an affair with the husbands wife.

Criticism can also be a leading cause of a crime. When a person has been picked on and ridiculed all their life there is only so much they can take. Especially when they are abused or yelled at everyday by their own family, failing classes and mocked about their only clothes on their back. Have you ever had that one person that would make fun or talk about you behind your back and feel the pain? Well, imagine having that pain and all those worries and stress every single day.

There is a certain point in their life when they have had so much to deal with, they are walking around like a ticking time bomb ready to go off on the first thing that crosses their path. Some people don’t exactly know how to deal with the pain they feel inside and think of the most harmful way to get them back or even get them out of their lives and keep them out is to kill them. If a child is brought up their whole life with an abusive father, or even without a father, this can lead the child into believing it is ok to go out and get back at the bullies that caused the child’s pain and suffering.

The last but very common cause of crimes out on the streets today is revenge. When a drug dealer out on the streets is making his money buy selling or making a profit on drugs, someone might get cheated on the amount of the drugs or the money their handing over to the dealer, when they start to argue about who has been wronged in the situation and someone more than likely will be carrying a gun and get the revenge they want from the dealer. Another case of revenge could be a road raging driver in heavy traffic.

When a road raged person is having a bad day and traffic is unbearable and another person pulls right out in front of them, they could get furious and park their car, walk up to the driver that cut them off, and assault the other driver. This situation of revenge is a cause of road rage and revenge is the cause of the crime. Like every family who has lost a close brother or sister because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, the entire family feels the pain and on the inside.

If one of the family members can’t take the loss of their loved one and go on a man hunt to get their revenge, killing is probably the only priority on their mind. Getting revenge could involve running the suspect down with a vehicle, or just walking up to him and shooting him point blank in the heart, either way that’s a crime and revenge is another cause of it. There are too many causes of crimes to name them all, but poor judgment, criticism and revenge to my opinion are the most common causes in today’s society.

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