My Relationship With Writing

My Relationship With Writing
Writing has always been a way to express things in a way that is more creative and exploratory than just talking out loud - My Relationship With Writing introduction. With words you can paint a picture better that Picasso could ever dream of. With flowing sentences that swiftly swallow the mind in an array of shrouded mystery that boggles most but the unknowing souls that know not what they know but who they know. With a well constructed array of words and of phrases that coherently make sense you can do wonders.

Ones relationship with writing is really a black and white question. You can either like writing or you can totally despise writing with a burning hatred that engulfs the mind in flames that cease to stop and consume all but the final nerve endings that caused the fateful hatred in the beginning. I infact love writing because it has become one of my best ways to explore the inner reaches of my mind. When I delve into the world of me I discover things that boggle even my complex and big mind. The type of writing that I enjoy is poetic writing. I find that with the words you can use in that type of writing you can do a lot more than you could originally. The flow that is attached with poetic writing seems like more of an outlet than a chore that most writing seems like. Although I do like poetic writing I actually do not like any other type of writing. I find that most other types of writing like research papers or narratives. I find that they take away from the real reason why we write. I mean yes there are newspapers and there are journals that need very nice writing so that most of the populus can understand something in it and try to remotely get the idea from it. But I find that if you are going to read something it needs to be a challenge. I want to make people think and feel things that they can either love or hate. I’m not going to write something so my audience likes it. I’m going to write something that I want to talk about good or bad.

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My greatest strength in writing would have to be my choice of words and my colorful vocabulary that seems to make people question me beyond belief. I find that if you can confuse people than you can write about whatever you want and you don’t have to know anything about the subject your are writing about because right form the beginning they have no idea what is going on. My greatest weakness would have to be my lack of finesse. I tend to be blunt with most things and no I don’t like to sugarcoat the truth but I don’t sugarcoat the lies either. That and I tend to write run on sentences that seem to go on for a really long time and they have no punctuation that separates ideas and makes the paper easier to read but good thing I have gotten better at that for the most part isn’t that really awesome?

All in all I feel that this composition class has helped me in my writing in a positive manner. I feel that this class has given me the opportunity to express myself in ways the other classes would put down and hinder. Most of my other teachers would make me rewrite papers because I would be to free with my words and would confuse them too much. This class has made it so that I can use all my fancy words and phrases to make myself seem smarter than I really am. But who doesn’t want to seem smarter than they really are and make people think that the writer knows what they are talking about.

In the future I hope to keep my creative writing skills as I want to work in the gaming industry. Mainly I want to be a programmer for Bethesda Game Studios but I also want to be able to help with storyboarding and help with creative design. To make those crazy ideas come to life and want people want me to make more. That’s what I want. Thank you for an awesome english class and I hope that you have more classes like ours. I know that we have had some fun times in class and some philosophical ones at that and I feel that you like those more than just listening to the normal old things. You have helped me tremendously and I thank you for that.

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