My Relationship With Writing

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Writing has always offered a more creative and exploratory means of expression than speaking aloud. The power of words can create a vivid picture surpassing even Picasso’s imagination. The flow of sentences engulfs the mind, evoking a sense of mysterious fascination for all but those who are unaware of their own knowledge. By constructing coherent and meaningful combinations of words and phrases, one can achieve remarkable feats.

One’s relationship with writing can be categorized as either liking it or despising it. I personally love writing as it allows me to delve into the depths of my mind and uncover thoughts that even surprise me. Among the various forms of writing, I particularly enjoy poetic writing. The use of language in poetry allows for a greater level of expression and creativity. The flow of poetic writing feels more like a creative outlet rather than a mundane task, unlike other forms of writing.

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I appreciate the artistic nature of poetry but have little interest in other forms of writing like research papers or narratives. These styles take away from the true essence of writing, in my view. Although I recognize the importance of clear and approachable writing for newspapers and journals, I believe that reading should be intellectually stimulating. My goal is to incite thought and elicit powerful emotions through my writing, whether they are positive or negative. Instead of seeking validation from my readers, I aim to engage them in conversations that may inspire both admiration and criticism.

My greatest strength in writing is my use of words and vibrant vocabulary, which often surprises and confuses readers. This confusion allows me to write about any topic without extensive knowledge because readers are initially unaware. However, my biggest weakness is my lack of finesse. I tend to be straightforward, refusing to sugarcoat the truth or lies. Additionally, I have a tendency to write lengthy run-on sentences without proper punctuation for idea separation and readability improvement. Fortunately, significant progress has been made in this area.

In general, this composition class has had a beneficial influence on my writing. Unlike previous classes, it provides me with the freedom to express myself without facing criticism or limitations. Previously, teachers would frequently require me to revise my papers due to an excessive use of elaborate words and complex ideas that they found confusing. However, in this class, I can utilize my extensive vocabulary and intricate phrases to give the impression of intelligence. Ultimately, everyone desires to portray knowledgeability and convince readers that the writer genuinely comprehends the subject matter.

In the future, I aspire to enhance and maintain my creative writing skills in order to work in the gaming industry. Specifically, I want to be a programmer for Bethesda Game Studios and contribute to storyboarding and creative design. My ultimate goal is to bring these imaginative ideas to life and create a demand for more. I am grateful for your outstanding English class and hope to see more classes like ours. Throughout our time together, we have had enjoyable and thought-provoking moments, especially during philosophical discussions. It seems that you prefer these over mundane topics. Your assistance has greatly benefited me, and I truly appreciate it.

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