The Five Step Writing Process: Prewriting, Writing, Revising, Editing, and Publishing

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Over the years in school I have been taught a five step process for writing. It has been the topic of every English class I have ever taken since kindergarten. Most people, when they think of being taught how to write the immediately think of, English class. Even I do, As I thought about how I learned to write I realized its been an accumulation of not only years but classes tool. The writing process isn’t only present in the typical English class, but also in history and all the science classes. Every class I’ve been in (minus rnath perhaps) seemd determined to engrave the writing process into my brain and reinforce it by making my a writer. The five different steps to the writing process are the framework of writing it helps draw the writing together and hold it up and supports iti These steps not only make the final product better, but it also make writing easieri The first step in any writing is to come up with an idea.

This step isin the stage called, prewriting. Often, my writing is for an academic purpose so what I do is figure out exactly what I’m suppose to be writing about, What guidelines 1 need to follow what the subject of my paper should be, What I should cover in my paper and so on and so forth, After I figure that out I sit down at my computer to type it out because my typing is more legible then my hand writing. Then comes the freewriting, some people prefer other methods such as listing or diagrams, but for me, freewriting works best to build up my ideas, lwrite and write and write not worrying about mistakes and structure of the ideas, I write whatever comes to mind. Then I’ll go back through what I have written and pull out key points. From the key points I figure out how to wrap them together to make a stronger paper. This becomes my plan.

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Then comes the writing part I take the plan and start on a rough draft, Pulling all my ideas together and try make them fit, Give them some structure and piece them together. At this point I still don’t worry about grammar and punctuation and other technicalities Just write, taking the ideas from the plan and putting them in a coherent form. I work best where I am free of distractions, where I can put all my attention on the writing. When my thoughts break it takes a bit to try get back to where I was and the ideas don’t come out near as smoothly Often I find that I go off topic a bit, but for me, that’s okay just keep plowing on. That can take care of in the revising stage. Revising is the third and a very important step.

This where I take the made writing of ideas and tune them up I get the big picture ideas to flow together in a logical orders I read through the paper out loud and see where I stumble over the wording. And, where ever I need to I add, remove, rearrange and change parts that need it. If I missed some key points I’ll add them in there. If I had gone of topic I take that part out. If something isn’t quit understandable l’ll rearrange it to make it clear. After the ideas run smoothly I go back and read it out loud to see if it flows nicely and change things to make the paper flow. Then I edit the papers this is where the paper is fine-tuned and l work out all the small glitches in the program. This is perhaps my least favorite of them all Editing involves the close-up details of the paper. When I editing I go though by each sentence making sure the wording is as strong as possible. Making sure one sentence leads to the next one parargraph leads to another, untill the whole paper as a feeling of unity.

Then after that, it consists of grammar, punctuation, spelling.“ all the nitty-gritty technicalities of writing, This stage is to make the paper as perfect as possible. I find it most helpful for someone to help me with this part of the process because editing is not my strong point. Then comes the final step of the writing process, publishing, Which for me is usually turning my paper into my professort But publishing in general means, “Do whatever you were planning to do with the writing,” If it was for a magazine then get it printed in the next addition. if it was for a blogg upload it, or if it was for a book you a writing get it into the book stores. This is when your done and you show the world what you did! This is where I loudly exclaim “Hallelujah!” because I’m so happy to have that paper out of the way.

I’m not a fan of writing papers Turns out I don’t mind the writing part in it’s self when it doesnt have to be formal and I can put some of my personality into it The fundamentals to the writing process are the same, all good writers need a framework on which to build there writingt Prewriting, getting the ideas downt Writing, getting the ideas down with some sort of order. Revising, getting the ideas in a chohrent and logical format, Editing, fine tunning the paper to perfection. Finally publishing, showing the world what you’ve done. Dispite this nessisary framework every one has there own specific things that work well for them I have a slightly different writing process then any one else, some things work for me that don’t nessesarily work for others. Some people need there coffee ti write well while others need to be in a completely silent room, some would rather freewrite some would rather list ideas. We are all unique by details but the big picture is still the same. All writing needs a frame work even though all writing is different.

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