My Ultimate Goal in Life

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.” A quote by Eric Thomas, from a motivational video I watched one day. Its senior year and time is ticking till graduation. As I transform into a mature adult, it is time for me to make decisions and set out what I want to be in life. My ambitions are to obtain an athletic scholarship for football, to help pave the way to becoming a civil engineer. It will be a bumpy ride along the way, but I can propel myself to achieve anything. I anticipate though sports such as football, can fund for my schooling to become a civil engineer. If I have a phenomenal upcoming season I can hopefully get recognized by athletic scouts and receive a full ride scholarship to a university. Though the off season I trained arduously to improve my talents as a player. Once I have reached my goal of becoming a student athlete in college, I will study a great deal to reach my main objective of becoming a civil engineer.

Civil engineers deal with the designing of roads, bridges, and major highways. They construct the major structures around a city .The description of civil engineers, are to be fluid in mathematics and sciences. Therefore, I have enrolled in Calculus A.P. and Physics 2 A.P. These are rigorous courses to take, but both are the foundations of engineering. So why not get a step ahead of my competition? I might as well get these courses over with in high school so I can roll right into college already knowing what to expect. if I have the college credit early in my schooling career , it would land me a potential spot to getting internships during the summers. I am also taking an engineering class in high school where I can get my certifications on different programs, that civil engineers use .

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The class will also improve my artistic skills needed to become a civil engineer. Graduating out of college, I plan to have honors and an abundance of connections from my experiences throughout my college career. By reaching these goals I set , my resume should look impressive to potential employers. If all goes as planned I can easily get employed by a firm and start my career in civil engineering My ambitions of becoming a student athlete and civil engineer are difficult but not unattainable . Life is difficult, but it’s up to me to pull through, and achieve what I want to become. I have a distant road ahead of me, but if I apply myself mixed with some motivation, I will reach my ultimate goal in life of becoming a civil engineer.

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