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The Process of Throwing The Ultimate Bachelor Party



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    The Process of Throwing The Ultimate Bachelor Party

     Bachelor parties of years ago consisted of alcohol, many toasts and the occasional stripper. These parties were called “stag” parties and usually took place in the bachelor’s hometown. As simple as the event was, it was considered to be the groom’s “last hurrah”. The bachelor party has evolved through the years to include exciting, exotic locations, a wide variety of food and alcohol, and the finest in female entertainment. The one factor that has not changed is the responsibility of the groom’s best man to plan every aspect of the festivities.

        The first step in planning a bachelor party is to realize that the bachelor is the guest of honor and should not, under any circumstances, be asked to help plan his party or pay for it. He should be consulted on the date and nothing else. A good best man will know the groom’s preferences in regard to locations, food and drink. In that regard, the best man should consult the groom on the date, and then decide on a location.

        It is not necessary to throw a local party in the groom’s hometown. A party in Las Vegas would not only be fun for the guests, but it would cut down on the amount of planning required, as the city itself is one big party. The best man should consider the groom’s interests when planning the party. Consider such activities as white water rafting, fishing, a specific club, or a paintball venue. Once a location has been decided upon, make sure to book the reservations in advance. Get a head count of the party guests and financial contributions up front. There are many reservations services online (Expedia and Orbitz, for example), or the best man can consult a local travel agent.

        The center of any good bachelor party is, indeed, the entertainment. If the best man is inexperienced in hiring a stripper, he should start by going to a strip club and previewing the entertainment. Often, these dancers are either available for parties or can give information on the dancers who are available. Be prepared to give the booker the following information: location of the party, number of guests, type of entertainment (will she be taking off everything, giving lap dances, etc.?), and arrival time. Now, it is time to negotiate the price and terms. If the terms can’t be agreed upon, don’t feel pressured to book a stripper. Rather, call as many companies as possible in order to get the deal you want. Make sure to confirm the price (in writing, if possible) and a tip minimum.  Finally, remember to confirm her attendance a day or two before the event, and find out how she feels about cameras. If the dancer is an aspiring actress/model, she might object to having pictures taken while she’s working. Consider the type of music for the party, and remember that a DJ can be booked in exactly the same way.

        Alcohol can be expensive, so the best way to cut down on the expense is to plan the drinks in advance. A must for any group of men is, of course, beer. In this regard, there are two choices. You can arrange for a keg of the least expensive brand, such as Budweiser or Coors. Most liquor stores will rent a keg for the evening; just remember to ask if they provide the beer tap. The other option is to go for a more expensive microbrew, as they tend to be more filling and the guests are likely to drink less of it.  In regard to liquor, consult a bartender’s guide and select around 5 drinks to be served at the party, all with the appropriate bachelor party-themed names. Buying the supplies for only these drinks will cut down on expenses.

        Finally, here are some tips to remember when throwing a bachelor party. First, do not tempt the groom to have one last fling. If things go awry, it will be the best man that will take the blame. Do not throw the party the night before the wedding, and leave the bride and groom’s fathers off of the guest list. Arrange for taxis to transport intoxicated guests; you might want to work the cost into the party budget. Finally, remember that less is more. The groom is going to want to hang out with his buddies before he gets married, he doesn’t necessarily need an over-the-top extravaganza.

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