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The argument of whether nature or nurture is responsible for criminal behavior has been debated for centuries. While some scientists previously believed that nurture was the main cause of crime, advances in understanding the human genome have shown that both nature and nurture play a role. Personally, I support the nurture theory as it has more persuasive reasons. Three main points support the effectiveness of nurture: the environment has the main effect on behavior, the criticism of gene theory, and personality being shaped by experience. Our behavior is mainly influenced by our environment, and traits like humor are learned rather than inherited. Reinforcement through constant practice also shapes our behavior, as seen in language acquisition and moral development. Bad parenting is a major risk factor for criminal behavior, highlighting the importance of proper education and upbringing.

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The argument between nature and nurture has been controversial since the thirteen century. In the thirteen century, scientists thought nurture was the main cause at committing crime. However, by the fast-growing understanding of the human genome, some scientists found that both nature and nurture are partly right in the analysis of committing crime. By these controversial topics about the structure of committing crimes, I personally tend to support the nurture theory because the nurture theory has more persuasive reasons than the nature theory.

There are three main points to support that nurture is more effective than the nature; environment is the main effect to our behavior, the strongly criticism of gene theory, personality is shaped by experience. Firstly, our behavior is mostly influenced by our environment. First of all, the sense of humor is a learned trait; even identical twins do not behave in the same way. Scientists invited one hundred twenty seven pairs of twins for an experiment of defining jokes to study their reaction.

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In those one hundred twenty seven pairs of twins, seventy one pairs are identical twins who share fifty percent of their genes. Those numerous pairs of twins were given three jokes and the result is really unpredictable. “ Surprisingly, identical twins shared no more common responses to the jokes than did the fraternal twins during the study. (Viegas)” The result of the experiment proves that traits are a matter which can be learned and there is no influence by genes. Doing crimes is not a gifted because identical twins who share the same genes also have different reaction.

According to the genes theory, twins share the same genes so their action and personality should be exactly same. However, this is not true because by the experiment we can see that twins can also react differently in the same situation. In addition, our behavior is shaped by reinforcement through the constantly practicing. Scientist Mr. B. F. Skinner used his theory of operant behavior to prove that reinforcement strengthen our behavior. Mr. Skinner used a few examples to interpret that your behavior is shaped by reinforcement.

First, reinforcing practices of a given culture compose is called language. When we are born, we need to practice our language because we have to communicate with the others. That is the shape of our native language because the infinite reinforcement strengthens our speaking skills in our surroundings, especially our mother language. Also, in our daily lives, it is necessary to distinguish the right or wrong. We can define that by various ways such as taking advice; observe laws and proper punishment to develop our ideas of immorality.

If there is no way to tell you that what is right or wrong, I do not think you can define that by your nature. Bad parenting is a good example to support that you cannot define morality by your nature. By numerous researches by scientists and psychologists, they wrote a summary of what people have higher rate to commit crime. They explained that people who have bad parenting would have higher risk of committing crime because of lacking proper education by parents.

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