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A computer is a piece of equipment that is used by people to carry out tasks and process - Network Components introduction. A computer is connected to a network if that computer needs to communicate to another computer on the same network. Computers range in size and processing level. A computer is needed in any wireless network. Price varies from $299. 99 to $2,999. 99 Cisco . A firewall is directly connected to a network or computer as a device or as built in software that is built in with Windows XP and higher operating systems.

A firewall provides a barrier that only allows trusted sources to access the network or the other way around. A firewall can also stop incoming traffic and/or outgoing traffic. A firewall is not a need in a network but without one the network can be vulnerable to outside attacks. Prices vary from $110. 99 to $ 2,880. 00 Cisco. A wireless access point is a device that can send and receive signals from a wireless network or wireless signal.


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WAP are common in all wireless networks and having more than one is beneficial in larger networks. Wireless routers are often referred to wireless access points. The WAP is directly connected to a network and communicate. A wireless network consists of quite a few components that support communications using radio or light waves propagating through an air medium. Some of these elements overlap with those of wired networks, but special consideration is necessary for all of these components when deploying a wireless network.

You should now have an idea of the basic system specification that you require. The software that interfaces between the wireless NIC and the computer can be part of the operating system or a separate program (driver) that is loaded onto the computer. Beginning with Windows XP, all Microsoft desktop operating systems recognize a wireless NIC without the need for any external software drivers; previous versions of Windows require these external drivers.

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