New Computer Systems in the Transportation Department

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There is a business need for new computer systems in the Transportation Department. The systems that they are currently using are outdated, out of memory, and can not keep up with the speed of the business. I have chosen two new systems, IBM Net Vista A20 ThinkPad and the IBM PC300GL. I recommend the IBM Net Vista A20 because of the mobility that it offers. Both will competently perform the job as well as offer room to grow.

IBM Net Vista A20 Think-Pad $839.00. IBM PC300GL Desktop $852.00. Total cost for the department is $20,136.00 for the Think-Pad or $20,448.00 for the desktops.

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Net Vista’s features are: 566MHZ Intel Celeron Processor, 64MB RAM, 10GB HD, and Windows 98 operating system. PC300GL’s features are: 533MHZ Intel Celeron Processor, 64 MB RAM, 15GB HD, and Windows 98 operating system.

Happier employees and less money spent on expanding older systems. This will also prevent the amount of calls made to the help desk.

Less system problems which means that we can be more productive throughout the day. The ability to be mobile and the ability to work from other locations.

The systems that we are currently using are P100’s that were manufactured in 1994. None of these systems are capable of being expanded. The new systems will have more memory, faster processors, and larger hard drives. The hard drive on the Net Vista is 10GB, whereas the PC300 comes with a 15GB hard drive. The extra 5GB of memory will make a considerable difference in the amount of files that we can store. On the memo dated October 15th, 1998, Daniel Snyder stated, “We must reduce the amount of paper that we are using. I do not know if the problem is waste, excessive printing, or abuse of IBM property, but this must cease.” The purchase of either system, including the extra memory, will assure that we are in direct compliance. Currently, we are printing the files that are sent from our external suppliers. This is done for reference because our systems do not have the storage capacity.

Although the Net Vista’s processor is 33MHZ faster than the PC300, it is not a noticeable difference. There will be a profound difference in speed vurses the P100. This increased speed will allow us to move between windows at least 70% faster than we currently can. This will afford us opportunity to provide answers faster that we have been able to in the past.

The addition of memory to the P100’s is not an option. There are 9 systems that are currently up to capacity. This is causing major production problems within the department. Several of us are experiencing problems with system lock up or freezing. Mike Jones for example, can not have Netscape, Lotus Notes, and SAP open at the same time or his system will freeze. He spoke with Jennifer Cross in Computer Services and she stated that his problem comes from lack of memory. He needs to add additional memory or continue to have the “freezing” system. The new systems will benefit the department’s budget as well. For the month of April, the department had a total of 7 calls to the help desk. Out of those 7 calls, 3 required a visit from Computer Services. The cost to the department was $435.00, which is half the cost of one new system.

The ThinkPad had several advantages over the desktop PC300. The first and most important is mobility. You will be able to travel to different sites, meetings, and customer locations without having to worry about calling back to the office for a file that you forgot. You will have everything there with you. Just in February of this year, Dave Boyd used his ThinkPad for his presentation to John Smith, Vice President of Zero. He was able to put together a slide show of the facility, facts and figures, and what IBM could offer Zero. They loved the fact that he was able to present it without bulky handouts or an overhead projector.

If we place the order by November 8th, PCWares has assured us that we will have either of them in our possession on November 22nd. Computer Services will need two days to configure the systems and install them. We will be up and running before the Thanksgiving Holiday.

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