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New Year New Life

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Goodbye 2012 and hello 2013. All the events that took place into my life in the year 2012 are now just memories, whether it was good or bad, happy or sad. As days goes by and clock ticks before the midnight of December 31st 2012 my minds starts to think of the past realizing what have I done right nor wrong to my life. Looking back at the times where me, my mom, brother and sister are having a lovely evening as we wait for the new year.

I missed all the warm hugs, kisses, smile, love and happiness specially during this time of the year and it is priceless.

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New Year New Life
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My life have to move forward for the betterment of my future which is guided by my dreams and wishes. In this year of 2013 I promise myself to do what is necessary to be done for the betterment of my future. I promise to go on a diet for a healthy lifestyle; to focus more on to my priorities such as my study; be more responsible as a young man; and specially to pay more attention to my family’s need by means of looking after my young sister and keeping in touch as much as possible with my younger brother and my loving mom.

From my past experiences I have learned a lot of things specially in the aspects of life itself, which made me realized to actaccordingly and responsibly. That is why I came up with ideas which are now made into my promises. My family is my inspiration and with the guidance of the Lord I believe that I can make this happen. Focus on my studies and the thing money can never buy is having my family so closely together again. All I need is luck, happiness, peace, friendship and love.

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