The Goals and Dreams in My Life

I have many hopes and dreams for the future. I hope to achieve these goals at some point in my life. These goals will push me to new heights. Once I enter high school, each day will play a part in fulfilling those dreams. First off, I want to have a job that I enjoy doing. That means no deskjobs~ I don’t want to sit in a cramped cubicle for eight hours a day, seven days a week for a pittance of a paycheck. Though I haven’t singled out a single career path yet, I know that I want to have a career with flexible hours that I enjoy going to every day. In terms of more immediate goals, want to continue to improve in my favorite sport, soccer. High school soccer starts this summer, and though I am only a freshman, I aim to make junior varsity my first year. I then want to make varsity in my later years at Lincoln-Way and be named All-Conference» something that none of my brothers before me have accomplished I also want to be captain of the team, like my brother was a few years before.

I will perform as well as I can so I can play college soccer and continue to play the game I love. Along the way, I want to maintain a good GPA and have all A’s, so I can get into the college of my choice if soccer doesn’t pan out. In addition, I want to learn Italian. The past two times I‘ve been to Italy, I’ve been very limited by the language barrier. Next time I go, I want to be able to carry on a conversation with my relatives and the townspeople so I can do more activities instead ofjust sitting around the house. In my immediate future, I want to perform well for the high school soccer team, have good grades, and learn Italian. When I’m a few years out of college, I want to get married and settle down in a neighborhood just like New Lenox.

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In fact, if I have a choice, 11 just stay in New Lenox so I can be near my parents and send my kids to get a good education at the same schools I went to, I hope to have kids and teach them how to play soccer like my dad had taught me when I was little. I’ll make sure that they grow up to be avid fans of Inter Milan, the soccer team my family has supported for generations. I’ll do my best to make sure they know their Italian roots. Pasta will be the main dish of the household, and the kids will be taught Italian by me. I want to make sure that they grow up instilled with the same strong values that my parents bestowed upon me. A few years after college, I hope to start a family. The major goal that I hope to achieve in my lifetime is to find a cure to lung cancer, In 2010, my grandpa, or Nonno as we called him in Italian, was diagnosed with lung cancer and was forced to carry around a tank of oxygen with him at all times.

This made movement difficult, so I only got to see him once a week when our whole family went down to his house to visit him and my grandma, or Nonna, It made me sick to the stomach whenever I saw him on the couch with that tank of air. On the surface he smiled, but I knew he was hurting so much on the inside. When he was admitted to the hospital in late November, I knew things were taking a turn for the worse. I remember very clearly the date December 25th, 2010, otherwise known as Christmas. I was playing a board game in the basement with my brothers and cousins while the adults went to visit Nonno at the hospital. It was about noon that day when the adults shuffled through the door. There were tears in their eyes and I could tell immediately that something was wrong. My father, choking up, told us that Nonno had passed on to a better place now, It had been only months after his twin brother passed away, and our family wasn’t ready for another tragedy like this.

I cried for hours, realizing that I would never see my beloved Nonno again, I would never hear him sing songs again, and I would never see him laugh again. The loss was hardest on Norma. She wasn’t prepared to lose the man she had been married to for over fifty years. She hasn‘t quite been the same since that day, Even when she’s happy, it seems like she’s sad, Iwant to get rid of the disease that has cost my family so much. I want to do it for Nonno. Overall, I want to achieve many things in my lifetime. During high school and college, I want to excel in soccer, learn Italian, and maintain good grades. In my adult years, I want to start a family and raise my kids to be good people At some point in my life, I want to find the cure for lung cancer. These goals will push me to be a better person.

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