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New year resolution

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Have you ever made a New Year resolution to improve your personal life? Every year thousand’s of people get serious about committing to change and achieving certain goals for themselves. However, more often than not these are the same goals you set last year, but were not able to succeed for one reason or another. There are so many resolutions to choose from; however, the top three are to lose weight, get organized and spend more quality time with family to make our life better throughout the next year.

First, the resolution to lose weight is essentially always the number one resolution each year. When I was pregnant with my daughter I ate a lot and gained fifty pounds; however, the doctor said, “You should not gain more than forty pounds.” Being that she was my second child the weight was a lot harder to lose; therefore, I told myself over and over to eat healthier and exercise more. Sometimes it’s easier said than done when working full time, going to school and a mother of two amazing children.

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Though taking time out of the day to workout improves not only your health, but will also benefit your marriage and give you more energy to play with your children. Second, When I was younger my mother always said, “If you would’ve put it where it goes when you’re done playing with it you would know where it is.” Now that I have children of my own I catch myself saying those same words. I love having a clean and clutter free house; therefore, that gives me more time to spend with my family and friends’. Also, a person that is organized is more focused and spends less money.

Organizing your pantries, closets and cabinets using labels and bins will keep your possessions more visible and accounted for and end up saving you money. Organizing your home may not be on the top of your list of things to do, but it should be. There are a ton of benefits to being organized. If you put the time and effort into being organized now, then you can free up tons of time later to do something more enjoyable. Last, life can get busy at times; however, taking an extra hour a day to play a game with your children and going for a walk with your spouse can improve your life dramatically. The joy I get when playing a silly game of Uno with my children is the best feeling ever. Watching them laugh at me because I had to draw ten more cards can make any bad day turn into a wonderful evening. Sometimes just taking a walk outside with your spouse is all that’s needed for a quality moment together. There is nothing that can give you a healthier life than your own family; thus, makes a family stronger and are more connected. In conclusion, everyone wants to improve their life somehow, but making changes to your everyday life can sometimes be hard to do. I’ve found that there are so many great perks if you can just stick with your New Year resolution. Having a healthier lifestyle, cleaning out all the clutter and taking extra time out of each day to spend with loved ones not only benefits myself but also benefits the whole family.

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