No One Likes Soggy Cereal


To observe which cereal absorbs the most milk Hypothesis: The Whitebait will absorb milk the quickest due to its large mass. Equipment – 4 bowls, sift, measuring cylinder, 4 different types of cereal Variables. Independent variable: Cereal Dependent Variable: amount of milk first placed in the bowl. (mall) Risk assessment: A bowl might fall onto the ground and cut someone foot.


  1. Weigh the cereals to egg
  2. Number the cereals 1-4
  3. Put the four cereals in four separate bowls with the same amount each (grams)
  4. Pour mall of milk into the bowls starting with cereal number #1 progressing to cereal number #4 5
  5. Time the cereal from when you put the first mall of milk into the first bowl for 10 minutes
  6. After 10 minutes sift of the cereal and collect the milk from each bowl of cereal in the order of 1-4
  7. Record the results of the test.


Whilst watching the cereal in the ten minute time period, the wet-big absorbed milk quite fast but antiquarian was slow. The antiquarian absorbed milk slower due to its small mass, but with the scoops the milk have to penetrate the sugar coating before getting to the cereal causing a delay in the absorption of the cereal.


The results showed that cereal with larger mass absorbed milk kicker, apart from antiquarian and coco pops due to their sugar coating the milk took longer to absorb. Conclusion: Through repeated observation of many different types of cereal, it became apparent that Antiquarian absorbed the most milk closely followed by Scoops and Cornflakes, with Wet-big absorbing the least. This observation strongly opposed the previously set hypothesis, that wet-big would absorb the highest amount of milk.

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