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Here are some brands which are initially failed due to he cultural influence in Indian market. KELLOGG Kellogg is one of the most successful Global brands from US. Which was world’s leading producer of cereal and convenience foods. When Kellogg first entered India in 1994, it heavily bet on transforming the Indian breakfast cereal market through switching breakfast habits of Indian consumers who were used to hot breakfast foods. They wanted them to make an instant switch from their own traditional habits to start having the healthier breakfast cereals which was a huge challenge for the company.

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In its initial advertisements, Kellogg showed hat what Indian public was having in their breakfast was not at all healthy which hurt the sentiment of the typical India ladies who had been serving traditional breakfast for ages to their families. The advertisement negatively affected the mindset of major influences and initiator groups in the Indian families. Kellogg completely revamped its marketing initiatives as well as brand building programs and made it India-specific.

First of all, to overcome the price sensitivity of Indian consumers, it launched small sized pack at RSI. 10 only for Indian market.

Then, they decided to tap the Indian publics love for Hollywood superstars by launching a limited edition Kellogg Chose Spider Man 2. The use of few specific words taken from Indian language – Hindi, such as Corn Flakes with Iron Shasta and Calcium Shasta in the launch of new variants gave it a local feel which was a good initiative taken by the management. CITIBANK When Citibank entered the Indian market, the firm’s aim was to target only high- income earners. But, in the words of the Business Line newspaper, Citibank soon realized that ‘in India it makes sense to go the mass banking way rather than the lass banking way. WHIRLPOOL When Whirlpool launched its refrigerators on the Indian market, it found the market unwilling to buy larger sizes than the standard 165 litters. DOMINO’S PIZZA Initially, Domino’s Pizza transferred its Western offerings direct to the Indian market, but the company eventually realized that it had to bow to local tastes. Initially, they focused to stay only in metropolitan areas, but in the last two years they felt the need to spread into “mini metros” and B-category towns. They also experimented with their taste options, especially when they went into smaller owns.

LEG Lag’s first attempted to enter India during early sass floundered as a result of difficulties encountered mainly working with the local importers. Low brand awareness among consumers was another challenge for LEG in India. It was one of the last consumers electronic Macs to enter Indian markets and its competitors had a two years jump start over it. Secondly, it had to take care of high levels of import duty, the high levels of competition from the local players and other Macs, and the sensitivity of Indian consumers towards pricing issues.

The company overcame all challenges by using innovative marketing strategies, specifically planned for Indian markets, with the introduction of innovative technologies in consumer electronics and home appliance segment. In order to develop a stronger connect with the Indian audience it initiated a close tie- up with cricket that included signing on leading Indian cricketers and launching cricket games on its television models.

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