Non-Alcoholic Drinks Market – Size, Share, Growth, Forecast up to 2020 Essay

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ResearchNon-Alcoholic Drinks Market – Global Industry Analysis,
Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2014 – 2020Published Date
08-01-2015147 Page ReportBuy NowRequest SamplePress ReleaseRapid Industrialization to Lead Asia Pacific to Witness Highest
Growth in Global Non-alcoholic Drinks MarketTransparency Market Research
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[email protected] Non-Alcoholic Drinks MarketREPORT DESCRIPTIONThe Asia Pacific regional segment of the global non-alcoholic drinks market is projected to expand at the
fastest rate in the coming few years. This is projected to drive the overall non-alcoholic drinks market
significantly. One of the key reasons behind the growth of the Asia Pacific non-alcoholic drinks market is
the rising disposable income levels in this region. Emerging businesses in Asia Pacific such as power,
construction, and the automotive sector are expanding at a high rate, which, in turn, has boosted the
disposable income levels in this region. This growth in emerging economies will boost the demand for
convenience foods and beverages, which will bolster the global non-alcoholic drinks market.
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Furthermore, due to the rapid urbanization and changing lifestyle in economies such as China, India, and
Singapore, Asia Pacific is projected to emerge as the largest regional market for non-alcoholic drinks by the
end of 2020.
Increasing Awareness Challenging Global Non-alcoholic Drinks Market
Besides the aforesaid factors, the global non-alcoholic drinks market will also be driven by the changing
consumer preferences due to globalization and introduction of new product variants and flavors. Driven by
these trends, the global non-alcoholic drinks market is projected…

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