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The noodle is a type of staple food made from some type of unleavened dough which is rolled flat and cut into one of a variety of shapes. While long thin strips may be the most common, many varieties of noodles are cut into waves, helices, tubes, strings, shells, folded over, or cut into other shapes. Noodles are usually cooked in boiling water, sometimes with cooking oil or salt added. They are often pan fried or deep fried. Noodles can be refrigerated for short-term storage, or dried and stored for future use.

In English usage, the word “noodle” is an inclusive term that denotes texture and culinary use, and to a lesser extent, shape, as many people may associate it with the more common string varieties, such as spaghetti or ramen. Material composition or geocultural origin must usually be specified. However, the actual word derives from the German Nudel BRANDS OF NOODLES 1. Maggi 2. Sunfeast 3. Smith & Jones 4. Ching’s 5. Top Ramen MAGGI Due to its fast cooking properties Maggi today has occupied an important position in almost every Indian kitchen.

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Since most of the women in India are working today, maggi and ready to eat packaged foods are slowly and steadily replacing the traditional rice and dal. Especially brands like the Maggi 2 minutes which said that the noodle could actually be cooked within span of two minutes. A hot favorite among all the kids of the country noodles has come a long way since its introduction in 1983. Consumed in almost every Indian household Maggi which was initially considered a snack is taking the place of a staple diet in most Indian homes.

Due to the fast paced lives lived by most of the Indians today packaged and ready to eat foods are gaining quite a formidable share of the Indian food market. Maggi is almost close to a ready to eat meal that takes just a few minutes behind its preparation and promises great taste as well. It goes without saying that Nestle India Limited’s Maggi is undoubtedly Top Noodle Brand in India. Maggi has been dominating the Indian noodles industry since a period of almost 26 years. Maggi noodles were the pioneer of noodles in India.

Launched in 1983 in the Indian market with the challenge of entering a market that was conservative and had typical notions about food consumptions this product managed to gain a part of the mind share of almost every Indian. Synonymous with noodles in India today Maggi is known to be the fastest cooked tasty meal in an Indian household. Looking at the popularity of the Maggi noodle brand Nestle introduced the Maggi soups and ketchups which also became a hit among the Indian masses. Maggi. The brand has grown manifolds since its launch. Many people also enjoy Maggi without cooking it.

Maggi noodles introduced a new variety of its noodles, to cater for the health conscious like ‘No MSG’, ‘Less Salt’, and ‘No Trans fat’. A wholewheat flour based noodle variation marketed by the name “Vegetable Atta Noodles” has been introduced in India (Atta flour is used in preparing most forms of wheat based breads in India) and caters to health conscious buyers wary of the refined flour used in the regular Maggi noodles. This move helps the brand in India as suburban mothers, who feed the noodles to children as an afterschool snack, are the primary customers of the brand.

Recently, a line of rice noodles and whole wheat with pulses, carrots, beans, and onions has also been introduced in India. In fact, “Maggi” has become a well-known brand for instant noodles in India and Malaysia such as curry and chicken flavoured noodle soup. Maggi noodles also produces instant noodles known as “Hot Bowl” noodles named “Cuppa Mania” in India. In Some countries,new flavors were made on the 25th Anniversary. New drinkable Maggi noodle soups are also available. SUNFEAST ITC launched its Yippee noodle under Sunfeast Brand. Sunfeast has come out with round shaped noodles.

The benefit is that it can easily go inside a round pan, which means there is no need to break the noodles into two, usually directed by Maggi in all their communications. Sunfeast claims its fun to eat long noodles. They have two variants in ‘Masala’ flavour itself, ‘Magic Masala’ and ‘Classic Masala’. Sunfeast Yippee Classic Masala is a lip smacking noodle. It has two intrinsic components – the noodle block and the masala mix. Wheat is a key ingredient of the noodle block. Sunfeast Yippee noodles do not lump even 30 minutes after cooking.

SMITH & JONES Smith & Jones is the brand name of instant noodles & sauces manufactured and distributed by Capital Foods Ltd India. The noodles are available in the following flavors: • Smith & Jones Masala flavour: (blend of various Indian spices) • Smith & Jones Curry flavor • Chicken noodles Smith & Jones for the first time in India uses special Metallic laminate packaging for additional safety and longer shelf life for instant noodles. Smith & Jones Instant Noodles are produced in a world class full automized 15 acre food park in Vapi, Gujarat.

Facts about Instant Noodles 1. Noodles are junk food with little nutrition value in spite of all the health claims. Avoid if you can. If you cannot, reduce consumption. 2. Check the shelf life. It varies from brand to brand. 3. Increase the protein value of the noodles by adding an egg or a small amount of soy products such as tofu or soya nuggets. Add vegetables and fruits either for garnishing or as an accompaniment. 4. Majority of salt is added to noodles through the seasoning supplied in sachets.

So reduce the sodium content by using the minimum amount of seasoning, preferably half of the sachets. 5. Instant noodle soup is often high in salt; limit its consumption to avoid excess intake. 6. Instant noodles can serve as breakfast or evening snacks but not as main meals. Limit the consumption to a maximum of once in a week or ten days. 7. Pregnant women and infants (below 12 months) must avoid consumption of instant noodles containing monosodium glutamate (MSG) as flavor enhancer (INS 621). So watch out for MSG or INS 621 in the list of ingredients given on the packet.

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