Rizal Park Case Study Sample

Luneta. or literally small Moon.

is a 58-hectare historical park overlooking the celebrated and arresting Manila bay. located at the nothing kilometre grade in the thick of a busy and booming metropolis. For many decennaries. it was used by the Spaniards as executing evidences for Filipino Rebels and mutineers.

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Through the old ages. it has bear informant to deaths injudiciously delivered. But today. through some Restoration and redevelopment plants.

it is now one of the most cherished landmarks in the state. It is now a site of heritage gems that portrays the rich narrative of Philippine history and its loyal characters.


The history of Rizal Park began in the early 1800s during the Spanish regulation. Even though Manila’s societal and concern activities were confined within Intramuros.

a little country merely south of the walls was cleared to forestall furtive onslaughts from the loyal indigens. The country was shaped like a little Moon ( lunette ) . therefore it was named Luneta. The Park was besides called Bagumbayan ( New Town ) during the Spanish colonial epoch.

Over the old ages. the park has been the site of some of the most important minutes in Philippine history such as the executing of Dr. Jose Rizal ; Declaration of Philippine Independence from American regulation ; and the political mass meetings of Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino.On September 28.

1901. the Filipino Assembly approved Act No. 243 — an act “granting the right to utilize public land upon the Luneta in the metropolis of Manila upon which to raise a statue of Jose Rizal” . After more than twelve old ages after the blessing of the act.

the shrine was eventually unveiled on December 30. 1913 during Rizal’s 17th decease day of remembrance.


Rizal Park is bordered by Burgos Street. Taft Avenue.

Roxas Avenue. and T. M. Kalaw.

Traveling there is easy because of the handiness of different sorts of public transit. One could easy acquire to Rizal Park by siting a cab ( flagdown rate is at P40 ) . One could besides sit a jeepney edge for Taft Avenue ( if from Monumento and Manila. Baclaran ( if from Lawton/City Hall country ) .

Quiapo ( if from Cubao and EDSA-Taft MRT Station ) . or Divisoria ( if from Taft Avenue or SM Mall of Asia ) ; and acquire down at one of the roads surrounding Rizal Park. One could besides sit the LRT1 Yellow Line ( accessible through jeepney drives or reassigning from the MRT or LRT2 ) traveling to Taft Avenue. acquire down at U.

N. Station. and walk towards T. M.

Kalaw. Do take precautional steps in traversing the street to acquire to Rizal Park as there are no prosaic lanes. There are besides no signboards indicating to Rizal Park from the LRT1 station. so ask around in order non to acquire lost.

Another option is to sit a FX edge for Sucat-Lawton or Quiapo and inquire to be dropped at Luneta or Rizal Avenue. severally.Rizal park is situated at the Northern tip of Roxas Boulevard. at the bosom of Philippine’s capital.

Manila. Within it lies the most celebrated memorial of Rizal which is what the park is most known for. In forepart of this memorial is where the Kilometer Zero or the 0 kilometer point is found. the get downing point of all roads.

metropoliss. and topographic points in the state.Aside from being a popular urban park for wind offing and relaxation. Rizal Park oozes of history and civilization from manner back the 1800s.

during the Spanish Era. This is what largely draws visitant to the park whenever there are no other events scheduled to be held in the park.Rizal Park is the land where Dr. Jose P.

Rizal. one of the most of import work forces in the country’s history. every bit good as the three Filipino priests Mariano Gomez. Jose Burgos.

and Jacinto Zamora ( jointly known as Gomburza ) died sufferer by the custodies of the Spanish colonisers. A memorial was erected in award of Rizal. which has been a popular photo-op for tourers and locals likewise ; it is even featured in most Filipino post cards. The memorial besides holds his remains.

To the North of the Rizal memorial. at the exact topographic point where Rizal was shot. is a panorama filled with immense metal statues that depict the last important minutes of Rizal’s life including his decease. The Light and Sound Show performed during the dark remind and educate the viewing audiences about Rizal.

Rizal Monument

The range pole in forepart of the Rizal memorial besides plays a great importance in the country’s history ; it is non merely some ordinary range pole. The Independence Flagpole. as it is called. is where the Philippines was officially granted independency from the United States.

The National Museum is besides within the locality of the park. It houses a broad aggregation of important findings. innovations. and creative activities in both the humanistic disciplines and scientific disciplines.

Visiting the museum will take one back to pre- colonial Philippines and even more to the period of Spanish tenancy in the state. One of the most popular pictures housed in the National Museum is the Spoliarium by Juan Luna. It is a monolithic. standing at a tallness of four metres and length of seven metres.

and is arguably the most internationally celebrated Philippine wall painting. It is said that the picture. which depicts organic structures of dead gladiators. shows the horrors that the Philippines was sing under the reign of the Spaniards.

Within the park are besides kalesas ( horse-drawn passenger cars ) which will take the client anyplace in the park and even to the walled metropolis Intramuros at a monetary value. The kalesas allow visitants to live over the Spanish colonial period. as this was the chief manner of conveyance back so. There are besides a batch of sellers selling nutrient.

refreshments. and souvenirs so one could take a speedy interruption from touring or sauntering the park. Besides. during Sunday forenoons.

Filipino soldierly creative persons use the park to pattern the traditional Filipino Martial humanistic disciplines. eskrima which is besides known as arnis.Despite the importance of Rizal Park. it remains undervalued by Filipinos.

Harmonizing to Ka Doroy ( Teordoro F. Valencia ) . old frailty president of National Parks Development Committee: Few recognize how Rizal Park symbolizes the impersonal meeting land of the national authorities and the authorities of the metropolis of Manila. The President and the Mayor of Manila have had their differences off and on but they have ne’er allowed Rizal Park to be portion of that battle for power.

In a sense. metropolis and national functionaries realize that Rizal Park is a people’s park. non a political sphere for combat. Here.

it is. that the varied sections of our disconnected society coalesce and unrecorded in harmoniousness. even if momently. Few realize that Rizal Park is the mirror of our national illustriousness.

Besides. the park is lined with trees of narrow foliages. giving less to no shadiness. Rizal Park merely starts to hustle with activity during the late afternoon.

when the Sun starts to put and the temperature significantly cools down. There are perceptibly more visitants during this clip than during midday and early afternoon. A figure of benches are placed around Rizal Park but they are normally unoccupied during noontime and early afternoon because of the heat. It is besides noteworthy that there is more dirt than grass in the park.

which consequences to formation of clay when it rains. Litter is besides one of the major jobs in the park because despite the legion rubbish bins placed around the park. Filipinos remain undisciplined and throw their wastes wherever they want. This is peculiarly apparent during Christmas.

New Year countdown. Rizal Day. and other countrywide events. Last Christmas.

it was reported by the NPDC that 50 truckloads of assorted refuse were collected from the country.

Rizal Park during Noon


There are a batch of attractive forces in Rizal Park. each offering something alone to the Filipino populace. The entryway fees of the attractive forces ( excepting Manila Ocean Park ) are really inexpensive.

runing from P10-P50. If you are presently a pupil. it is rather ready to hand to hold your pupil I. D.

as you can avail a pupil price reduction. Points of involvement include: Chinese Garden

  • From the exterior. one would be able to see an flowery Chinese-style gate. carved with twirling firedrakes.

    As one enters the gate. lo and behold. a garden similar to the 1s in old Peking. Along the laguna.

    there are besides pagodas and summerhouses that are set off by ruddy pillars and green-tiled roofs. decorated with different fabulous figures.

Concert at the Park

  • At the Rizal Park Open-Air Auditorium. amusement such as dance public presentations.

    musical public presentations. and theatrical public presentations are provided for free to the populace by the National Parks Development Committee. Department of Tourism and the National Broadcasting Network.

  • Diorama of Rizal’s Martyrdom
  • This contains lifesize statues that depict the events in the life of Jose Rizal during his executing.

    Found here is the exact topographic point where Rizal was martyred.

Diorama of Rizal’s MartyrdomLights and Sounds Fountain Show• An hour-long fountain show where the fountain dances with the music and the visible radiations making forms and textures adding emotions to the music flow. Nipponese Garden• To advance friendly relationship between Japan and the Philippines. this garden was built.

It exhibits Nipponese manner gardens. laguna. and span.Kilometer ZeroLocated at Roxas Boulevard.

in forepart of Rizal memorial. the Kilometer Zero marker serves as the footing from where route distances in Manila are measured.Lapu-Lapu Memorial• Besides known as the Statue of Freedom. the memorial was a gift from theKoreans to honour the Filipinos who helped Korea during the Korean War in the early 1950s.

Manila Ocean Park• Opened on March 1 of 2008. this oceanarium is located at the westernmost portion of Luneta. behind Quirino Grandstand. and along Manila Bay.

Manila Planetarium• It holds plans having audio-visual shows and inactive exhibitions to circulate astronomical information.Museum of the Filipino Peoples• Located at the edifice North of Agrifina Circle. this contains the Anthropology and Archeology aggregations of the National Museum of the Philippines. National Library of the Philippines• As the country’s premiere public library.

it houses rich Filipiniana aggregations maintained by the bibliothecs to continue the establishment as the country’s fountain of local cognition and beginning of information for research and surveies. National Museum of the Philippines• Located on the northeasterly tip of Rizal Park. this houses the natural history and descriptive anthropology museum of the Philippines.National Museum of the PhilippinesOrchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion• In 1994.

this one-hectare of land was dramatically transformed from a parking batch into a rainforest-like park that showcases the Philippines’ rich aggregation of orchid species and butterflies.Relief map of the Philippines• In the center of a little semisynthetic lake. erected is a elephantine raised-relief map of the Philippines. including the Scarborough Shoal.

Kalayaan. and eastern portion of Sabah.


The National Parks Development Committee is a authorities bureau that is responsible for their’ beautification. development.

saving and care of national Parkss in the Philippines. including Rizal Park.As of June 2012. NPDC converted the park’s lampposts from the traditional lighting system to LED ( light-emitting rectifying tube ) .

Harmonizing to Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. . “we are non illuming up Rizal Park because shades abound here and because we are scared of the dark. We are making this because this piece of land is sacred.

It was here where many baronial Filipinos gave up their lives. ” In add-on. lampposts were changed to Lead visible radiations to do the park brighter at dark while doing it energy efficient.As of November 2012.

30 close circuit telecasting cameras ( CCTV ) was installed in Rizal Park. The installing of CCTV cameras within and around Rizal Park. from Quirino Grandstand until the LRT Station is a large investing made by NPDC in the hopes of luring the populace to see the park because of its increased security. The CCTV cameras are high declaration with 360-degrees pan ; amp ; rapid climb and operates 24/7.

It besides has the ability to do accurate anticipations on the figure of people within the park and it can besides acknowledge a individual should a study be provided to the system within the bid centre.Apart from the CCTV cameras. there is besides a “Quick Response System” in the park. With merely a push of a button.

the bid centre will be informed of the location of the incident so that a security squad could react to the state of affairs. Through this. offenses may be prevented by the park visitants themselves. Besides.

Information and Help Desk System Kiosks can be found at the anteroom of the NPDC office. constabulary station near the memorial of Dr. Jose Rizal. and the children’s resort area.

The booth features a digital touch screen that could be a beginning of information to the visitants of the park sing the attractive forces that it houses. Harmonizing to Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. . “to bring in more tourers to a tourer topographic point.

peace and order must be guaranteed. merely like in our Rizal Park. We have to give tourers our confidence that they are safe within the confines of our national park. ”The NPDC besides holds many events in Rizal Park.

Juliet Villegas. Executive Director of NPDC. has high hopes that these events will “dramatically turn the Luneta crowd and allow people detect its new installations and tourer attractive forces. ” An illustration of these events would be the approaching “Luneta Through Time” .

a cultural event by the UP Asian Institute of Tourism Tour 151 Marketing Management category ( in cooperation with NPDC. DOT. and Primer Group of Companies. It will showcase Philippine history through civilization.

nutrient. movie. and manner. Other events by the NPDC are the Annual Rizal Park Photography Contest and the Paskong Pinoy.


To observe the fiftieth day of remembrance of National Parks Development Committee ( NPDC ) . it officially opened the Binhi ng Kalayaan Garden as the latest attractive force at Rizal Park. Before the country was utilized. it was a bare and dull topographic point that was a likely mark for refuse dumping.

After passing approximately P10 million to restitute the country that has been neglected for many old ages. it is now the “No. 1 picnic area” for Filipino and foreign park-goers. and as a response locale for particular occasions.

The garden. located in the eastern subdivision of Luneta. is now dotted with rock tabular arraies and chairs and barbecue grills under brushs of trees. At the entryway.

there are memorials dedicated to nameless Filipino work forces and adult females who fought for the country’s freedom against the Spanish colonial regulation. A two-story map installation and comfort suites have besides been erected in the garden.

Binhi ng Kalayaan Monument

Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. commended NPDC’s action because Rizal Park was going the country’s “prototype” for public park development.

Harmonizing to Jimenez. a 54-hectare public park in the center of the metropolis is really rare in Asia. Therefore. it is of import to go on to develop and redevelop the country.

Besides. go oning attempts to do the park more attractive is of import to assist pull local and foreign tourers to the capital. This twelvemonth. the Department of Tourism purposes to pull more than 5 million tourers abroad.


Torre de Manila is a 41-storey tower block condominium undertaking of DMCI Homes that is planned to be built at Taft Avenue. merely 40 metres off from from Rizal Park. Torre de Manila is really clear of any misdemeanors under the national edifice codification and other Torahs. and it even acquired a height clearance from the Civil Aviation Authority.

There are besides no heritage Torahs curtailing the building of edifices near heritage sites such as Rizal Park.

DMCI Torre de Manila seen behind the Rizal Monument

Harmonizing to a web log of Carlos Celdran. a Filipino tourer usher and a cultural militant. the job is that:The tallness of the DMCI Torre de Manila’s location behind Jose Rizal threatens to photobomb the memorial.

Making the Rizal memorial secondary when one looks at it while parading in FRONT of the Rizal Monument. ( The Rizal Monument is oriented to confront West and this is the angle where we are Supposed to see it ) .Rizal Park’s position will shortly be destroyed if the building of will complete because it will overpower Rizal’s memorial. With this issue.

concerned Filipinos expressed their desire to advance the preservation of Manila’s history and proper urban planning through doing requests. However. as posted on July 25. 2012 on Business World Online.

harmonizing to Isidro Consunji. DMCI Holdings president and main executive. they think they will force through the undertaking because the Manila metropolis council merely had a few remarks on the undertaking which they will seek to turn to. Consequently.

if no solution will be presented and made. Rizal Park will be overwhelmed by the tower. destructing the position.


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