Feasibility Study of Food Park Research Paper

Background of the study

What is the best thing here in the Philippines? Well, some says “our beaches”, while other says “our culture”, But everyone will say “our food”. Yes, there are no questions when it comes to Filipino Food. We Filipinos have a love affair with food. Filipino likes to eat is not enough because Filipino loves to eat food is the best way to describe our relationship with food. An average Filipino eats at least four times a day. The daily meal is consisting of: breakfast, lunch, snack, and supper.

But sometimes these four meals stretch to six meals with snack every after meal. An affair describes a commitment, status and a mutual understanding between two parties. Therefore, the food also loves a Filipino. Indeed, thousands of fast food chain here in the Philippines is an evident that food also loves Filipinos. Wherever, someone will walk in any cities over street or corner has a restaurant to satisfy ones craving. Even in, television, radio, newspapers, magazines and internet advertisements has something to do with food industry.

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Establishing a food park in Cadis City is satisfying every individual needs. Food is a very big part of the Filipino culture. It is common denominator for Filipinos rich or poor. Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body. On the other side, park is an area of open space provided for recreational use. Our own definition of Food Park is a family- friendly-environment where family bonds and friends can hangouts over a delightful food.

Food Park is very suitable for food trip destinations of families, friends and individuals. Eating is also the best for families to bond and discuss problems over the delicious dinner. The best form of hang-outs especially for young adults. Food is also considered as best De-stresses. Stress is best measured with the gauge of food. It helps unload the burden by eating. The researcher believes that food park will provide the primary needs of individual in satisfying their needs as a human being as well as providing them an echo-friendly place in a family friendly environment.

Food is the basic need of individual and it keeps the human body going. Sitting in a chair with delicious food serves for you widens your eyes, makes you hungry and crave and with no pretensions you will act of who really you are. Statement of the robber The purposed of this study is to determine the feasibility of establishing a Food Park in Cadis City, Negroes Occidental. Specifically, it aims to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the management profile of the proposed food park on the following areas: Structure of the organization, Organizational Mission and Vision, Organizational goals and objectives, Organizational chart, Management and staff, Personnel policies, Status requirement.
  2. What would be the building design and facilities of the proposed food park that ensures safety, good ambiance, can accommodate number of people and appropriate s a food trip destinations?
  3. What are the marketing strategies and approaches to be considered in order to capture market patronage and be well-known in healthy, good quality foods, and delight customers that will make it distinctive in other food stations?
  4. What are the allotted financial requirements and assumptions to be considered in order to pursue the proposed food park and evaluate its capability as business entity?
  5. What is the socio-economic impact and contribution of this proposed business to the people from Bargain Adage, Bargain Zone 1 to Bargain Zone 6 that is considered as stakeholders?

Scope and Limitation of the Study

This research is undertaking the feasibility of establishing a food park in Cadis City, Negroes Occidental. This study covers the area from Bargain Adage, Bargain Zone 1 to Bargain Zone 6.This study also covers the formulation of organizational management which includes the formulation of organizational structure composed of owner, food park manager, host, server, abuser, washer and cooks. This study includes the demand and supply, industry updates, competitors profiling, marketing strategies and specific action plan to be taken. Socio-economic development is also included in the study. This study covers also the store design and facility needed and financial factors which includes profitability and growth assessment.

This study limits on the area beyond Cadis City, Negroes Occidental from Bargain Adage, and Bargain Zone 1 to Bargain Zone 6. Another area of limitation in this research is the data collection may depend upon the limitation of time frame given to the researcher. Project Site and Vicinity Map The proposed food park will be located along the highway of Core. Villain Street, Cadis City. The vacant land in front of Mercury Drug Store is where exactly a food park will be located. The place is strategically located since it is a commercial area and many business establishments are within the area.

The proposed food park will covers the entire 418 square meters for its facility requirements and amenities to ensure cheerfulness and relaxation of the guest. This will include the food park building consisting of dining area, waiting area, entertainment area, counter area, guard house and a landscape design outside the park. There are boarding houses and dormitory along the corner and the place is near bus terminal. In terms of transportation, the proposed food park is an ideal one cause it is located along the high way of Core. Villain Street.

Management Aspect Mission Statement

Food Park exists with passion to serve our guest a great food, healthy, simple, Food Park envisions being a well-known food shop in the City, serving best food and delight customer. Food Park Goals and Objectives In order to achieve the outcome of establishing a Food Park in Cadis City, the researchers provided the following goals and objectives.

Organizational Goals

  1. To be a well-known food shop in Cadis City.
  2. To have every guest who comes through our doors and leave impressed by food ark menu and desires to come back again.
  3. To delight each guest and gain their loyalty and patronage.
  4. To be a rewarding environment this encourages as long term, satisfying the guest and staff.

Organizational Objectives

  • To ensure that each guest receives prompt, friendly and courteous service.
  • To maintain a clean, comfortable and well-maintained premises for our guest and staff.
  • We will serve a great food, clean, simple and reasonably priced.
  • To ensure that all guest and staff are treated with respect and dignity they deserve.
  • To satisfy each guest craving and be an ideal eating place within the city.
  • To cater the needs of each guest in their busy days and no time to cook at home.
  • To ensure family-friendly and echo-friendly environment to each guest and staff while inside the food park.

Food Park Philosophy

Food Park will exists with this kind of philosophy; “There is no love sincerer than the love of food”. As a food and service industry, we believe that our outlook towards food determine our outcome. This philosophy will be our guiding principles in determining individual relationship with food. The researchers believe that every guest is impressed, delighted and willing to come back again and again.

Form of Business Organization

Food Park will exist in a sole proprietorship form of business organization. It is own by an individual who has full control or authority of its own and owns all the assets, as well as personally answers all liabilities or losses. As a sole proprietorship, as part of the business operation food park will be run by the owner, food park manager, chef, line cooks, host, server, abuser, dishwasher, utility personnel and security guard . The owner is highly flexible and retains absolute control over the operations of Food Park. The food park manager is the one who monitors the flow of operations and resolve problems.

The chef and line cooks were working hand in hand in preparing the food for the guest. The host, server and abuser will be responsible in accommodating the guest and providing their needs. The dishwasher has a duty in cleaning and sanitation the all the dishes, glasses, silverware, and cooking supplies in the food park. The cashier will be responsible on cash collections upon purchasing the products and services of each guest.

Organizational Structure of the Proposed Business

Job Specification and Description Food Park shall be governed by the owner that serves as the policy making and responsible for the overall management function of the business.

The Owner

  1. The business owner often entails acquiring financing or investing for the business to commence her venture.
  2. Additional investments may be required at times to acquire large equipment or to expand the operations of his/her business.
  3. Sole business owners or are fully responsible for any debt or losses that a business incurs.
  4. Responsible for the policy making and the overall management function.

The Manager

The manager is largely responsible for ensuring that the overall experience of eating at Food Park is as positive as possible for all paying customers.

  1. Test cooked food by tasting and smelling it in order to ensure palatability and flavor conformity.
  2. Investigate and resolve complaints regarding food quality, service, or accommodations.
  3. Schedule and receive food and beverage deliveries, checking delivery contents in order to verify product quality and quantity.
  4. Monitor food preparation methods, portion sizes, and garnishing and presentation of food in order to ensure that food is prepared and presented in an acceptable manner.
  5. Monitor budgets and payroll records, and review financial transactions in order to ensure that expenditures are authorized and budgeted.
  6. Schedule staff hours and assign duties
  7. Perform each task, lending a helping hand when things get overly busy.

The Head Cook

  1. The Head Cook must have 2 years work experience as Head Cook in any other restaurant establishment.
  2. Other certificates relevant to the Job.
  3. Kitchen supervision will be an added advantage
  4. Must be conversant with food and beverage cost control and accountability.
  5. It is projected that the head cook will have a salary ate of 5,000 from the start of the operation and onwards.
  6. Preparing the food quickly and Just as good.
  7. Remembering all the multiple orders and easily assemble them to the order.
  8. Design the menu and keep the inventory.
  9. Store everything properly and in order.
  10. Handle the food as hygienically as possible.
  11. Must be innovative and quality conscious

The Line cooks

  1. Line cooks, also known as assistant cooks, are responsible for much of the actual food production and plating within a full-service food park.
  2. Each line cook is typically assigned a place on the line, such as the grill, stove or vegetable prep area, ND is responsible for the cooking that specific portion of the meal.
  3. Line cooks are known to keep a tab on wastage of food and report it to the restaurant manager.
  4. They may also have to render some other services as ordered by the management of the restaurant from time to time.

The Host

  1. The host is the first employee to interact with arriving guests as they enter the Food Park.
  2. It is the Job of the host to greet arriving guests, welcome them into the establishment and seat them.
  3. The guests receive their first impression of the service of the restaurant by their exchange with the host.
  4. The host is a park.
  5. While guests are waiting to be seated or waiting for take-out orders to be ready, it is the Job of the host to ensure that the guests are made comfortable and kept informed of the status of their orders or wait times.
  6. The responsibilities of the host include monitoring the open dining sections of the food park for empty and cleaned tables, estimating wait times for guests, monitoring the guest waiting list, and ensuring that the needs of the guests are met while they are waiting.
  7. The host is often responsible for answering the telephone, booking reservations and moving tables together to accommodate large parties.


  1. His or her primary duty is to provide good customer service, take orders and deliver food.
  2. Servers are expected to answer questions regarding the menu.
  3. They work closely with other wait staff and the kitchen to ensure the food park is operated efficiently.
  4. They help to personalize the meal and their service is more attentive and formal.
  5. In some cases, they are also responsible in processing the payment of the guest


  1. Food Park abusers are responsible for removing dirty plates, silverware, glassware and anything else from tables after a guest has left.
  2. The abuser then sakes anything dirty to the dishwasher.
  3. The table is then set up again with fresh utensils and any plates or glasses that would otherwise be there when guests first sit down.
  4. Abusers make sure tables and their surrounding areas are clean and presentable.


  1. Dishwasher Jobs involve constant movement and physical activity while on the clock.
  2. Dishwashers must be aware of basic sanitary guidelines.
  3. Food park dishwashers hold the responsibility of cleaning all the dishes, glasses, silverware, and cooking supplies for a restaurant.
  4. A dishwasher must keep the dish room and dish machine in clean, working order.
  5. Dishwashers may be responsible for stocking the establishment with clean supplies for customers, such as napkins and condiments.
  6. Cleaning up around the restaurant and assisting other staff members as needed.


  1. The restaurant cashier is in charge of register.
  2. This would include cash and credit card transactions, tipping out wait staff, and balancing the register at the end of the shift.
  3. Must be competent with computerized register system and have good cash handling skills.
  4. Must be polite and reliable.

Security Guard

  1. Responsible in maintaining peace and order inside and outside the food park signaled areas.
  2. Shall be in charged in checking the ins and outs of the guest.
  3. Responsible in the opening and closing of the gate and assist the guest in coming in or going out of the food park.

Utility Personnel

  1. Maintains the cleanliness and orderliness of all the facilities and amenities of the food park.
  2. Should always be available within the food park vicinity for proper guest assistance specifically in garbage disposal.
  3. Responsible in requesting utilities supplies needed in maintaining good sanitation.

Regulations and Policies

Food Park shall observe a set of regulations and policies on recruitment, selection ND appointment of its employees subject to the qualification standard and other condition of employment as provided by the law and as mandated by the Department of Labor and Employment. As amended by Section 34, Republic Act No. 6715 Article 280.

Regular and casual employment

The provisions of written agreement to the contrary notwithstanding and regardless of the oral agreement of the parties, an employment shall be deemed to be regular where the employee has been engaged to perform activities which are usually necessary or desirable in the usual business or trade of the employer, except where the employment has been fixed for a specific reject or undertaking the completion or termination of which has been determined at the time of the engagement of the employee or where the work or service to be performed is seasonal in nature and the employment is for the duration of the season. An employment shall be deemed to be casual if it is not covered by the preceding paragraph: Provided,

That any employee who has rendered at least one year of service, whether such service is continuous or broken, shall be considered a regular employee with respect to the activity in which he is employed and his employment shall continue while such activity exists. Article 281.

Probationary employment

Probationary employment shall not exceed six (6) months from the date the employee started working, unless it is covered by apprenticeship agreement stipulating a longer period.

The services of an employee who has been engaged on a probationary basis may be terminated for a Just cause or when he fails to qualify as a regular employee in accordance with reasonable standards made known by the employer to the employee at the time of his engagement. An who is allowed to work after a probationary period shall be considered a regular employee. Art. 282.

Termination by employer

An employer may terminate an employment for any of the following causes:

  1. Serious misconduct or willful disobedience by the employee of the lawful orders of his employer or representative in connection with his work;
  2. Gross and habitual neglect by the employee of his duties;
  3. Fraud or willful breach by the employee of the trust reposed in him by his employer or duly authorized representative;
  4. Employer or any immediate member of his family or his duly authorized representatives; and
  5. Other causes analogous to the foregoing.

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