Observing Nonverbal Communication

Watch a television drama or comedy and write down all of the instances of nonverbal communication that you see. After watching the program, list each instance, classify it based on the list of types below, and place a plus sign (+) next to any example that contributed to the message and a minus sign (-) next to any that detracted from the message. Go to a park or shopping mall and sit in one spot where you can view different groups of people. Observe moods, body stance, hand gestures, eye movement, and voice pitch. Notice the different types of nonverbal communication exhibited by people of different ages (e.g., between two teenagers, two children, a teenager and a parent, a child and a parent, two adults). Note any nonverbal communication that suggests that people may be making decisions or resolving conflicts. Observe carefully and take good notes.

For both activities, refer to the list of the eight types of nonverbal communication as needed.

body movements
facial expressions and eye movements

Group of girls feeling happy after finishing their exams.It suddenly started to rain and one of the friends with high voice tone said ” I have brought my umbrella. She said “I am not like you guys, Who are having theirs cars and drivers”( Showing angry face).

All girls went for lunch giving the umbrella to the girl who was very happy about finishing her exam and felt like dancing. Meanwhile the girl’s mother called and asked her to come home while she was leaving for London. The girl felt nervous and was squeezing her hands.

* body movement- (-) I am not like you having drivers and cars) * facial expression-(+)girls feeling happy, (-)showing angry face, (-)girl felt nervous) * self presentation- (-) the girl was squeezing her hand, (+) i have brought my umbrella. * voice-(+) I have brought my umbrella! ( with high tone voice).

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