Odyssey Hero Persuasive

He went on many adventures, but some in particular stands out above the rest. These stories are all wound around his adventure to get Medusas head and his return to home. Peruses was known as one of Grace’s most celebrated heroes because of his bravery, his determination, and his courage. For example, Peruses is known for his bravery because of his adventure to claiming Medusas head. On this adventure, he used Hermes winged sandals to fly over to where the gorgons lived, and he waited until they were asleep.

When they were asleep, he made sure to be quiet so that they would not aka up and attack him. Then he used Ethane’s shield as to not look into Medusas eyes and be turned into stone. He then used the sword given to him to cut off her head without looking. Her head was later used to turn Polypeptides into stone. His bravery was shown by doing what others were afraid to do, confronting the human-to-stone gorgon. Also, he is known for his determination when he went to seize the Gray Women’s eye.

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The Gray Women were three woman-like creatures who had one eye that could see everything. Including the future and where everything was. Then they each passed off the eye to each other when they wanted to see through it. During this time, he needed their eye so that he could find out the location of the Nymphs of the North. He showed determination with his trickery of these women. Hermes told him that he could achieve in getting the eye by staying hidden until he saw one of them remove the eye to hand it to one of the other sisters.

Then, he must run forward to grasp the eye from their hand and refuse to return it to them until he told them where he could find the Nymphs of the North. Hermes then led Peruses to the location of the Gray Women at the foot of Mount Atlas where they acted as lookouts. When Peruses snatched the eye, it took the Gray Women a little while to realize that he had taken it, for they accused each other of keeping the eye first. When they had realized that he had taken it, they reluctantly told him where to find the Nymphs of the North just to get their eye back.

This shows determination because he did not give up until he got what he wanted: the location of the Nymphs. Finally, Peruses is known as a hero for his courage during the defeat of Polypeptides. Polypeptides was the king who wanted to be with Peruses’ mother ND sent Peruses away to get Medusas head as a gift of marriage and so that he could make Dana¶ his wife in his absence. When Dana¶ had refused Polypeptides’ marriage proposal, he became furious at her and she fled to a temple to stay safe.

When Peruses had found out that this had happened, he wanted to get his revenge on the king. That night, the king was holding a feast in his palace for all of the people that favored him. Peruses had found out about this feast, marched right into the hall, and claimed that he had the promised gift to the king. When they didn’t believe him, he pulled Medusas dead out of his pouch, and turned them all to stone. After this, he gave the head to Athena who then put the head on the aegis, Zeus’ shield.

This showed courage because he could have easily been killed for he was easily outnumbered by the people in the hall. Despite the facts, some people believe that he was easily distracted from his main goal. They might say that when he found Andromeda, he was so taken with her, that he had lost what he was originally set out to accomplish. But, he showed heroism when doing so. As soon as he laid eyes on her, he fell in love tit her and wanted to protect her like any gentleman.

When he found her chained to the rock to be devoured by the sea serpent, he freed her when he was promised by her parents that he could marry her after doing so. But later, Cassiopeia acclaimed that Andromeda hand in marriage was forced upon them because of the circumstances, and soon a fight had begun. He brought many of them down, but because there were so many people, he was forced to bring out Medusas head and turn all two-hundred of them into stone. As have said, even though there are many superhero’s in comic book and n TV, there are far more intriguing heroes of ancient texts.

These heroes were people looked up to and admired, including their flaws. Many of these heroes in ancient texts are far more interesting and sometimes have human flaws that most heroes of today on TV don’t. These ancient heroes were people that had their stories passed down over thousands of years, so they closely related to people of that time. They became more like how each society thought they should be like. Ancient heroes are that some can look up to and remember that many years ago, people looked up to the same persona.

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