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Opinion About Life

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What is your opinion about life ?
In my opinion , life is very unpredictable and full of surprises . There are many times when things happened not as the way we planned it or what we thought will happened . Even some things happened better than what we expected . Have you ever imagined that you will became what you are today ? The same questions came across my mind . I never thought that I will taking a law courses and study legal terms . Back there , when I am in primary school , I have always wanted to be a doctor .

As the time grow and I begin to learn many things , I realized that studying medical subject doesn’t suit me well and I change my mind to another field . And here I am now , trying my best to finish my study here in this university .
In my religion , we believe that the chapter of our life had being set and written from the very beginning .

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Opinion About Life
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However this does not mean that we can just sit around and let everything happened by their own . There is nothing in this world that we can achieve without doing anything . For an example , can the Petronas Twin Tower will stand tall today without anyone working their tail off it ? Same goes to our life . In order to achieve our dreams , we have to work really hard for it .
In facing the live , things will not always going to run smooth . There are some times we will passed through the bumpy road of our live . If the life is only about being happy and successful , we won’t learn any lesson from it . Therefore , the life would be quite boring and not interesting at all . As a human being that have been gifted with intelligence , we can think wisely and mature enough to handle with any obstacles we face in our lives . One thing for sure , whatever we have done , we must never giving up and never quit . Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance , yo must keep cycling .
Other than that , life is all about choosing the right path . As we grown up , there are many choices that we have to make ..

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