Organization Chart of Giordano Essay

Organization is a system of consciously coordinated activities or forces of two or more people. Based on the researches, we found out that Giordano is a profit organization which helps the company makes money by offering products and services. The Giordano company chart is using the functional structure. Functional structure is the classic organizational structure where the employees are grouped hierarchically, managed through clear lines of authority, and report ultimately to one top person.

Functional structures that used in Giordano Company are Independent Non-executive Director, Managing Director, General Manager, Group information Technology Director, Company Secretary, Human Resources and Group Financial Controller.

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Organization Chart of Giordano
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Furthermore, the span of control that Giordano Company used is narrow. It also can called tall structure. When we talk about span of control, it refers to the number of workers reporting to the manager. In the narrow, there will be less people reporting to the manager. However, the decision making process is slow because it must go through many level before it is made.

There is centralized authority where important decision is made by top manager. There have two types of environment which are mechanistic and organic. The Giordano Company is using mechanistic organizations. It means authority is centralized, tasks, and rules are clearly specified and employees are closely supervised. Giordano Company will hire creative people so that the company will produce more comfortable T-shirt. In conclusion, we can say that it is very important to find an organizational structure that work bests for the organization.

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