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Therefore, its form is valuable.  Cold water is much more valuable on a hot day. 5 Amusement parks often don’t allow outside drinks, so the placement of the water inside the park increases its value.  Owning the bottle of water as opposed to borrowing it allows you to consume its contents and carry it with you around the park without having to return it. Drinking bottled water is not a sign of status in our society, so the water has little if any image utility. Designer sunglasses in a kiosk at a shopping mall during the summer 1 Since there really aren’t any sunglasses that are not already in form utility when you buy them, I think form utility is not relevant 5 Sunglasses are most helpful in the summer, no one really Uses sunglasses in the inter  Having sunglasses for sale in a mall is not a bad idea since, you want your sunglasses to match to the new clothes you bought.

Sunglasses are useful to own, since they help keep the sun out of your eyes. Most people don’t care about what brand there sunglasses are as long as they do their job and look good. Christmas decorations in a drug store in the month of December 1 No one really needs to buy the decorations with lights already attached to them, an example of this is that you can buy small Christmas trees with lights already n them but they usual cost so much that if you were to do it yourself you could have two trees for the price of one. The month of December is the best time to try and sell Christmas decorations since Christmas is in December and almost everyone needs to get some kind of new decoration yearly, even if it is as simple as new lights. A drug store is not the best place to buy and sell Christmas decorations since most people want their decorations to last so they won’t buy the cheap ones from the drug store.

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Christmas make most people happy, so the possession of Christmas corrections can make people joyful but having to put up your own decorations every year is also stressful. No one wants to be a Crunch, and not having any kind of Christmas decoration up makes you look like a Crunch that’s why people usual have at least one decoration set up (As long as they are Christian) Travel razors sold in the gift shop off hotel Form Since travel razors are already a finished product when you buy them, form utility is not relevant. Time 2 travel razor is useful when you are traveling since you can just throw them away once you are done. Place

A hotel gift shop is a good place to sell travel razors since people can forget the razors or ruin out of razors when they are on vacation or traveling. Possession 4 The value of owning a razor when you are traveling is high, especially for a business man who can’t go into a meeting without being freshly shaved. Image Have a razor can also boast someone’s confidence since they know that they won’t have to into a business meeting with being shaved. Lab Assignment #2 Try It: Companies never stop working to build and maintain their brands.

Let’s see if some of the most popular companies are doing their jobs effectively. Fill out the following chart as you attempt to uncover each of the company’s brand promises. Use the reference website to familiarize yourself with the company if necessary. Explain your reasoning in the box provided. The first one has been done for you as an example. Primary Website Brand/Promise Reasoning Ivory Soap h. NNW. Lover. Com Soap doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to be effective. After all, it’s just soap. Buy our soap because we got the formula right the first time and w?re not going to change it, so you can rely on it to get you clean. Very basic graphics. Logo: Keep it pure, clean & simple. Description on site: Ivory provides freedom from nonsense and complexity by giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t. They advertise that they’ve been making soap for 125 years. HTML Refresh the world in mind, body, and spirit, and inspire moments of optimism; to create value and make a difference.

Coca-Cola provides refreshment not only refreshment for you but also for others, with the joy that comes from drinking Coca-Cola and help bring joy into someone else’s life and make a difference. Ta regret WV. Target. Com Expect More. Pay Less. Targets brand promise is that there prices are always fair and reasonable, you can also expect more than just great prices but also great customer service. Apple bow’. Apple. Com Think Different Apple encourages thinking differently, if Steve Jobs and his co-founders never would have thought differently then the Apple brand would not exist today.

Lab Assignment Use the chart below to identify and describe the target market for the items listed. The first one has been completed for you as an example. Item Target Market Description Vacationers People on vacation have a little extra money to spend on basic items. They are also driven by the desire to be comfortable and have fun during their break from school and work, so they won’t mind spending a little extra. Designer sunglasses in a kiosk at a shopping mall during the summer Teenagers and young adults.

The sunglasses at a kiosk are usually not that high quality thus not expense, teenagers and young adults don’t want to spend a lot of money on something like designer sunglasses that you can only get at a particular store, and since the kiosk sunglasses are cheap teenagers and young adults will tend to arbitrate towards those compared to a store like Ray Ban, or Oakley Christmas decorations in a drug store in the month of December Young Adults A single young adult may not remember that Christmas is right around the corner, so they may have to last minute shopping for decorations and the bigger store may already be out of decorations or have them overpriced. Travel razors sold in the gift shop of a hotel Traveling Guests Traveling People usually have some extra money with them in case something goes wrong, traveling people also tend to forget things at home, so they spend mom of that extra money on a razor. Pods preteens Teens like to have the newest and coolest technology available, Pod allow them to have everything that a cell phone would give them without a high price tag. With an pod you can listen to music and surf the internet which is a must when it comes to preteens or even teens.

Stainless steel refrigerators Wealthy people, usually middle age adults A stainless steel refrigerator is very expense so only wealthy people will have them; A Stainless steel refrigerator is also very modern so older wealthy people old not like it but the younger and middle aged wealthy people will like it. Convenience food items Students Most College students don’t have the luxury of going out to eat every night or even cooking a expense meal at home, they usually don’t have all that much money since they are paying for college, so they can’t go out to eat or go to the store and get all of the necessary things to make a nice home cooked meal Educational toys Parents with young children Parents want their children to be smart, but children hate to learn but when the learning process is also a toy both the parent and the child is happy.

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