Motivation To Achieve Organizational Goals And Meet Individual Needs

Motivation is simply people’s essential desire to accomplish objectives and goals everyone has a particular reason to do the activities they do even if the action is becoming repetitive. It’s a reality that often a person experiences with little or no thought about what the purpose is or why its so essential in their daily life. It’s when the action or the reasons become a little bigger a bit more important that they can be clearly identified as some kind of motivation. The motivation of an individual can appear in the form of a need a desire or a target. the greater the motivation for doing something in certain cases the more likely an individual will do it there is a psychological linkage between action and motivation with over the years researchers and social psychologists developed lots of theories.

Years of motivation studying have generated quite an amount of knowledge and material that has proved to be of quite worthy to people. motivation and business are two elements that seem to go quite smoothly with each other and this also extends to organizational behavior. Motivation occurs when people interacts with circumstances it is a mental state in which the person decides the amount of desired interest and energy which will be converted into action. Subject: understand the meaning nature importance of motivation Abraham lincoln was almost unsuccessful in all activities he took up he said when kept asking about the switch my father taught me to work but he didn’t teach me to love my job. That is what is called motivation is an inspiring process that motivates teammates to effectively pull their own weight to start giving the group their loyalty and perform the tasks properly they have accepted and commonly to play a role in the job that the group has took up.

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In Michael judicious words motivation is the act of stimulating someone to get a desired course of action pushing the right button to get a desired reaction. motivation meaning may be defined as the internal energy that affects the direction strength and endurance of a person’s voluntary behavioral choice. It is composed of a direction aimed at targets intensity total value of allocated effort perseverance the average time taken to maintain the effort the nature of motivation is an inner feeling which defines a person’s psychological state. It’s a continuous process so we should ensure that it doesn’t get interrupted. An individual should be totally encouraged motivation is make up of interacting and dependent elements such as needs requirements or deficiencies that are generated when physiological imbalances are present drives the different camps or events organized to inspire employees and give them opportunities and incentives employees need to be appreciated for the good work they do to keep motivated interaction of the individuals and the circumstance motivation leads to purpose-oriented action.

Motivation leads to the achievement of organizational objectives and to individual needs satisfaction for the following reasons we should motivate our employees inspired workers are best geared to quality highly motivated staff are more productive than others greater workers and organizational efficiencies motivated workers cannot stay away or leave the organization motivation improves staff team spirit thus improving the workplace culture and overall employee and organizational performance. Motivated workers take special care in computer handling and other tools. this eliminates waste and breakages motivated staff has organizational loyalty. They work with passion and a sense of responsibility it helps to achieve three human resource behavioral aspects: candidates must not only be attracted to join the organization but should also remain in the organization workers shall carry out duties in a timely manner efficiently employees should also be creative innovative and spontaneous on the job motivated employee improves the productivity and competitiveness of an organization.

They are more engaged can nicely handle the uncertainty that comes generally make for better problem solvers and are much more innovative creative and customer-centered. organizations with a highly engaged workforce record higher rates of customer satisfaction and employees retention in addition to being more productive explain need-based theories of motivation need-based theory explains motivated behavior as an effort to satisfy specific individual needs. According to this point of view the job of the manager is to analyze what people need and then ensure that the workplace environment has become a means to achieve these desired goals. People who have a strong aim to succeed are in great need for some achievements. when that person completes projects on time a high need for achievement results in a high degree of satisfaction feedback also needs to be available regularly and easy to be understood as feedback is needed to determine their next actions in pursuit of the objective.

However as a member is appreciated into management a high need for achievement can be problematic. This boss now has to motivate others to get the job done discuss the expectancy theory of motivation edward. Tolman pioneered this theory and it was continued by victor vroom the expectancy motivation theory aims to explain why people are behaving the way they do. Expectancy theory generally explains that the person behaves the way they do because they are motivated to choose that actions instead of others because of expectations of what the result of that behavior will be. As managers expectancy theory can enable us to understand how individual members of the team make decisions on workplace behavioral alternatives so we could use this information as a reference to build motivated workers.

Understand the meaning nature and importance of organizational behavior based on peoples behavior in organizations as well as how they communicate together with each other and how they interact within the systems of the organizations to get their job done. Its concepts are applied in order to help team members and organizations to work together more efficiently. Organizational behavior goals are to explain behavior prediction and impact. managers must be able to clarify why workers are involved in those activities rather than others predict how individuals will react to different situations and decisions and also how employees behavior will be.

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