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Organizational studies

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It is assumed that Monster Inc. Is the sole electrical energy provider for Monstrosity using children fearful scream as a source. The source IS collected and preserve in the energy bank in the form of yellow bottle can. Monstrosity is populated with monster being and the films showed that the connection between monster world and human world is the children. The technique to scare the children is not easy as it perceive because from the beginning the monster believe that children are toxic and touching them would be fatal.

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Monster Inc has a training centre to produces the special scaring team that can go into the unman world and scare the children effectively without physical touch to their body or any of their belongings. How the Monster Inc does reflect as an organization? What elements of organization that can we expound from the movie? Company Theory Monster Inc as a commercial organization, they employ monster to achieve the target, and they bring together the monster and the sources to produce the solutions of the needs.

Monster Inc has a leader to manage the organization.

The company in the movie is a large power company. Just like any factory, employees bunch in to start work and bunch out at the end of he day. Employees and managers are separate in the hierarchy of the organization. In the Organizational theory, study of the organizational behavior with the environments, Monster Inc fit in the Resource Dependence Theory. Resource Dependence Theory is a theory of organization that seeks to explain organizational and inter-organizational behavior in terms of those critical resources which an organization must have in order to survive and function.

As an open-systems theory, the resource dependence argument suggests that a given organization will respond to and become dependent on hose organizations or entities in its environment that control resources which are both critical to its operations and over which it has limited control. From the Movie, Monster Inc. Have three external environments that they need to adapt in their organization, the population, CAD and the children. The production of the power of the screaming children contributes to the survival of Monster Inc.

They have imperative responsible to provide daily needs of the monster world, without Monster Inc. The monster world will have disastrous circumstances. So they have the obligation to maintain their revives in order to avoid that situation. Apart of that they have to complied with the regulations that no physical contact with the human world. Monster Inc. Company Organizations has been designed adapting to those environments. If any of the factor changes, Monster Inc. Also need to change.

Their setback with one of the environments is that their only source of energy has evolved; the children are becoming hard to scare and Monster Inc. Chairman found that the situation is critical. This is where Henry and Randall secretly find alternative means to extract children scream by force. Their lack operation is a reaction of the scarcer resources and the policy set by the CAD. There is no observation that indicates Monster Inc. Acquire Research and Development department that can innovate the technology of power extraction.

All by coincidence, they found other alternative resource to acquire the power source, which are by extracting children laugh that are ten times stronger than their scream. Scaring technique is not required anymore and technique making the children laugh is the preferTABLE skill. Also there are no harms of physical contact with the human. At the end Monster Inc. Have hanged and may evolve into better organizations which the resources are multiple now. Company Structure @ Company System Monster Inc. Organizational structure is designed in hierarchy structured.

First there is distinction between the workers what might be called administrators like the CEO and COO and the training manager. This shows that there are a hierarchy of managers and workers in the company. Second the leadership is shown on personnel level when Mike and Sully go out their way to save the company and the child form destruction. They uncover scandal in the organization that goes all the way up to the CEO. Their main components in the organization is the “Scarecrows”, they have numbers of scaring team working daily producing the power resource.

The scaring team comprise of the scarcer and assistant. The scaring team on the Scarecrows in structured in horizontal line provides mass outcome daily. It is assumed that the account department, marketing department and training department are at the same level structured where they are direct link to the chairman. CAD is not part of the company, but CAD may not relevant in future in their operational after finds that there is no toxic effect by the children if contact. Company Strategy Monster Inc fosters good image and a reliTABLE power company to the perception of the public in their advertisement.

Even after the reveal of the scandal, Monster Inc they have promoted new paradigm of power sourcing where by the end of the film, the company is back in the black and a positive light when they change from screams to laughter as the best practice for powering their world. ” “During the movie we see television commercials for the company with its slogan and tagging. We also see magazine covers and advertisements with corporate image messages. ” They continuously enhance laity of create power where the scarcer compete each other to be the high score scare leader.

Through their work and through the training program, the organization is trying to improve their efforts to create power for the city. Turning to laughs in the end, instead of screams, is really TTS. Corporate culture Monster Inc presents corporate culture that shown in the routine of the workers. Employees of different job types socialize together in the break room and in the hallways. Workers relationships have created a culture which is the workers activities, the company history in the intranet and the way the errors look up to Sully and Mike and the CEO, who uses a walking around type of management style.

Sullen is a hero of the company because he has been the lead scarcer for years. Other employees look up to him for advice. The company values safety and quality work. This is shown through the display of safe days and high production of the scares- Rites and rituals are also there through the procedures that are used and reinforced by the employees. Conclusion It seems that in this movie, Monster Inc the only company that serves the public for power resource. Without Monster Inc, the disruption of power apply may unavoidTABLE, and this is unaccepTABLE circumstances.

As a Company in the Movie, more or less, few organizational lessons can be extracted as example for learning purposes. Company seems to be observed as classic bureaucracy but equipment and technology may change the management theory into scientific management after finding out the laughter is the best options for power source. Company strategy must have far vision to make sure there will be no disruption of resource. Company structure should include Research and Development unit in the organization to ensure company strategy can be materialized.

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