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Essay Writing Guide for AS Religious Studies



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    Essay Writing Guide for AS Religious Studies
    Part A will require:1. Answer the question and only write solely towards the question. Do not tangent off topic and waste time, simply answer the question and at the end of each paragraph refer back to the question.
    2. Consider spending a few minutes on a plan in order to plan exactly what you want to say in each paragraph, the time spent planning will be made up when you aren’t thinking what to write mid sentence
    3. Start strong when you begin to answer showing that you have clearly understood the question so that the examiner knows you are confident in what you are writing about.
    4. Ensure that you develop your paragraphs by linking them to your previous one. This will help the examiner stay on track with what you say and it will help you build on what you want to say.
    5. Finish strong as well. You’ve just told them everything they need to know, now tell them again in a wide summary without being too vague, this will also show that you have planned your answer.
    6. Quotations and examples must be used at any opportunity, it not only backs up what you write but also shows you have researched thoroughly in what you are writing about. Quotes and Examples will allow you to expand your points- but don’t spend too long on one part.Part B is showing you can argue:1. In part B all of your paragraphs must have a flow to allow the examiner to understand your argument
    2. The conclusion should agree with every single point you have made in your argument as the examiner will make sure you haven’t contradicted yourself
    3. Refer to other individuals and use them as supportive arguments to yours or use them as opposing arguments, this will show your background reading. Without background knowledge of quotations and arguments you will not get top marks
    4. Use phrases that can show your argument such as… In my opinion or I cannot agree AO1, HOW TO:
    1. Underline keywords and highlight….

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