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This speech discusses the importance of effective time management, which is not just about doing more things quickly but getting more of the important work done in a day. The speaker suggests three effective ways of time management, starting with knowing what’s important to us and avoiding letting other people’s demands schedule our time. They emphasize the difference between urgent and important tasks, and suggest making a to-do list and scheduling time to ensure the important tasks are completed. By prioritizing what’s important first, we can effectively manage our time and get more done.

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Effective time management doesn’t mean doing more things or doing them more quickly. Effective time management means getting more of the important work done in a day.  In researching this speech, we really need effective time management to keep us be more discipline towards our life. Today I will introduce you to three effective ways of time management- know what’s important, schedule what’s important, and know and exploit your work patterns. Body I. Firstly, we need to know the things that are important to us.

That may mound self-centered, but it’s only self-centered if all of our core values are self-centered. Being helpful and being a “team player” are fantastic, but we want to avoid completely letting other people’s demands schedule our time. B. One of the fundamental challenges in effective time management is remembering the difference between “urgent” and “important.” Urgency alone cannot make a task important. It is the connection to our personal principles and priorities that determines the importance of a task.

List and ann. the objectives that you need to pursue. Secondly, another way of effective time management is schedule what’s important. A. On a daily or weekly basis, making a “to do” list and scheduling time helps ensure that the important tasks will be completed. Daily or weekly, make a list Of all the tasks you want to do and/or have been asked to do. Rate each task as ” Important” or “Less Important.”  By scheduling what’s important first and then trying to get to the less important tasks in our remaining time.

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