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In this text, the author discusses three types of hybrid animals: avian, mammalian, and reptilian. Avian hybrids are smaller than normal avian species and have different fur colors. They can only be found in certain countries. Mammalian hybrids are bigger than normal mammalian species and have lighter fur tones. They can only be found in captivity or zoos. Reptilian hybrids are also bigger than normal reptilian species and have darker skin colors. They can be found in certain places with heavy tropical countries. However, the author concludes that hybrid animals may not be as genetically strong as naturally evolved region-specific wild ancestors and may not live longer.

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Connective (Internal Preview): To begin, I will discuss the different types of hybrid animals, their genetic composition, and the species they belong to. Body Main Points:
I. The initial category of animal hybrid is avian hybrid.
A. Avian hybrids are slightly smaller in size compared to regular avian species.
1. Avian hybrids like turkey-chicken hybrids possess a smaller and lighter physique.
2. Their average weight ranges from 5 to 7 pounds (2 to 4 keg).
B. Avian hybrids exhibit diverse fur colors.
1. Avian hybrids such as turkey-chicken hybrids showcase black markings in specific fur areas, along with variations of brownish and lighter hues based on their animal parents.

C. Avian hybrids can be found only in certain countries like Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United States of America.

Connective (Transition): Now that I have told you about what avian hybrid is, I will now proceed to the second type of animal hybrid.

II. The second type of animal hybrid is mammalian hybrid.

A. Mammalian hybrids are bigger than normal mammalian species.

1. Mammalian hybrids, like ligers, typically grow larger than humans and their parent species, thus making them the largest cats in the world. Their average weight is 800 to 1200 pounds (363 to 544 kg).

B. Mammalian hybrids have different fur colors.

1. Mammalian hybrids, like ligers, have lighter fur tones on their body.

C. Mammalian hybrids can be found in captivity or zoo because the habitats of the parental species do not overlap in the wild.

Connective (Transition): Now that I have told you about the mammalian hybrids, I will continue to the third type of animal hybrid.

III. The third and final type of animal hybrid is reptilian hybrid.

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A. Reptilian hybrids are larger than normal reptilian species. Reptilian hybrids, such as creators, are slightly bigger than their parent species, which is the gecko. Their average weight is 1.5 to 3.2 grams upon hatching.
B. Reptilian hybrids have different skin colors. For instance, creators have a darker skin color compared to their parent species.
C. Reptilian hybrids can be found in Latin American countries. They are typically found in certain places within heavily tropical countries like Brazil, Colombia, and the Amazon rainforest.

Connective (Transition): Now that I have finished discussing the various types of hybrid animals, let us move on to the conclusion. Conclusion: In summary, hybrid animals have a shorter lifespan compared to their naturally evolved region-specific wild ancestors. This is due to their genetic weakness and dependence on human care. Additionally, avian hybrids, mammalian hybrids, and reptilian hybrids each possess their own distinct characteristics such as size, fur and skin colors, and habitat preferences.

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