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Parents and Pressure Essay

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Parents want their child to succeed in life and to many, doing well in school is the way to ensure future success. Getting good grades, being involved in school activites and staying focused on education can mean that a student will go on to college. To many parents, college is the ultimate goal because furthering your education can mean future financial security for their child. From the time a child enters the school system a parent will push them to do their best.

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Parents and Pressure
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Keeping the child on the right track means not allowing them to slip from keeping their grades and studies their number one focus. The parent pushes the child so the child continues to work hard to be the best student that he can be. It can feel like a lot of pressure especially to the student who needs to work harder in order to get good grades. Not every student has the same academic abilities. The parent is only thinking about the end goal and knows if the child gets discouraged, they may not feel like working hard to achieve the goals set for them.

This is when the parent and child can really butt heads. When an average student feels pressured to maintain good grades but the work is too hard for them, they can experience stress. If the parent doesn’t continue to push the student, the student may just give up and throw away all their hard work. Their grades may decline and the student may give up interest in pursuing the goal of continuing on to college. This is why many parents keep the pressure on even though the student is not academically gifted.

The argument is that sometimes you have to work harder for things that are worth getting. Another reason why a parent would pressure their child to do well in school is the costs of continuing their education after high school. If your child does well in high school, remaining in the highest academic percentage, he may get scholarships that will help with funding his college education. A parent may push hard to keep the student from becoming too social and may pressure them to stay focused on their studies.

Especially if the parent did not attend college because either he was not pushed or the family couldn’t afford it, this kind of parent is more motivated to see their child achieve what they could not. Many people are of the belief that without a college education a person’s chances of career and financial successes will be limited. This is just one of the reasons why parents pressure their child to do well in school.

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