The Effects of Pressure on Students to get Good Grades Argumentative Essay

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The pressure to achieve good grades is a common challenge for students in today’s competitive world. However, the effects of this pressure can be detrimental, including extreme stress, cheating during exams, and changes in attitude. Excessive pressure from parents or peers can lead to negative health outcomes, such as lack of sleep. Students may also cheat during exams, believing that good grades will lead to better job prospects. This can result in a violation of values and morals. Ultimately, education is about learning with understanding, not just obtaining good grades, and students should prioritize both academic and moral growth.

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Living in a society like the one we are living today, can be very challenging for students. As the world gets more competitive, students are getting more pressured to achieve their goals in life. Pressure have become one of the known factors to affect a student’s life. Anyone who passed through this stage has felt the same way. Getting good grades has become one of the goals students today are aspiring for.

It has been perceived that a good mark from school can place someone to a decent job and make that person stand out room others especially when it comes to interviews and conversations. With such belief, students neglect on the negative effects of the pressure they are encountering because they want to maintain high grades. There are few effects of pressure on students to get good grades such as, extreme stress, cheating during exam, and changing of the attitude.

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Extreme stress

All the stress experienced by a student from either parent or peer is considered one of the effects of pressure handed to them because of their want to have good grades. Normally, parents apply pressure upon the detent in order to keep up in school and not allow the student to fall behind.

However, a problem arises when the parent apply excessive pressure on the student. The effect of such pressure can lead to negative health of students. Students tend to have lack of sleep – without having enough of sleep will cause the students’ body to become sick.

Cheating during exam

Students tend to cheat during exam when they become mentally and physically exhausted. We have been aware of plagiarism being the cause of many violations done by students. (Ex: can either be for their research paper, Hess paper, or just a simple how) There are also incidents of cheating in examinations through copying others answers and putting them on the test paper, recognizing them as one’s own. These sinful acts are the effects of the belief that good grades can send you off to better jobs and a more secured future.

Changing of the attitude

This particular outcome is definitely disturbing because values and morals become affected. According to an interview conducted by Palmer (2005) to Ms. Denies Clark Pope, students as she said, “know that cheating is wrong; they tell me they wish they did not do it’. As the statement goes, honesty, aspect, and integrity have all been violated for the sake Of possessing a good grade.


In a nutshell, dealing with all the effects of pressure on maintaining an excellent grade comes with a price. It results in extreme stress, cheating and the worst of all, changing of the attitude. All these made a clear understanding of what learning really is about. It is not a matter of only getting a good grade but rather learning with understanding and receiving the grades that one truly deserves. As for this, students must realize that education is in fact teaching people not only academically, but morally.

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