Peg Should Have Taken Edward Home To Live In The Town

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Peg Boggs should definitely have taken Edward down from the mansion to live with her and her family in the local town. Edward got to experience how people lived down in suburbia and he got to meet various new people. He also had some great relationships with people and he was particularly close to Kim, the girl he truly loved. Peg’s decision to take Edward down to live with her family, resulted in him learning how people lived and also what happened in the outside world.

Peg knew that Edward was lonely and that he was very different to your average person. She also knew that Edward was an innocent soul and she could sense that Edward had nothing, but kind-hearted intentions. Even when Peg was driving Edward through the town for the first time, you could tell that he was very excited. Obviously Edward was never exposed to the socialization that many people are used of, so when he was living in the neighbourhood he learnt to adapt. When Edward was introduced to the community, he was an instant hit!

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Although Edward had no hands, his scissor hands certainly came in handy. Everyone loved the way he would trim the hedges into some of the most spectacular shapes and the women would get there hair cut by him, this made Edward feel pretty special, something that may never of happened up in the old mansion. Most Importantly Edward felt love during his time living with the Boggs’s. From the moment that Edward saw Kim for the first time (In the photo), he knew that she was beautiful, he certainly did have feelings.

Although at first Kim was quite scared and creeped out by Edward, she eventually realised that Edward was genuinely a kind & loving guy, completely opposite to her boyfriend Jim. Kim would often stick up for Edward and she did not like it when he was being set-up or when he would get into trouble for reasons that weren’t his fault. Towards the end, Kim confesses her love for Edward and gives him a kiss. If he had never come down to live with Peg & her family he would have continued to be a lost soul and would of never been exposed to reality.

In conclusion Peg was very kind and in some ways courageous for bringing Edward down to live with her family. He was exposed to the outside world and he learnt to adapt to how different people were and how people lived. Edward got to show his talents to the community, by cutting all the bushes along the street and trimming them into some awesome shapes. Edward also got to experience true love with Kim. Although towards the end he started to get a bit of a bad reputation (for things that weren’t his fault) in the community, Edward certainly got a lot out of staying with Peg Bogg’s and her family.

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