Should Elderly Parents Live in Nursing Home or Not

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At the present day, it is clear that there are many choices for elderly parents to choose where they will live in the rest of their lives. Elderly parents must consider closely before making a decision. And the question is whether elderly parents should live in nursing home or not is still controversial. To my view, it is better for elderly parents to live in nursing home because of the following rationales Firstly, living in nursing home, it is understandable that elderly parent will be provided a professional health care.

We know that because of old ages elderly parents often get into health troubles easily. However it’s not necessary for elderly parents to worry about when they live in nursing home because nursing home is obviously equipped with good facilities in standard that could assist them in health. Moreover, it’s obvious that there are many proficient staff in nursing home. They have intimate knowledge of how to take care of elderly parents best.

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Besides, in nursing home, elderly parent will have an adequate and nutritious diet that is suitable for their ages. This is really important for elderly parents to protect and improve their good health. Secondly, living in nursing home, it’s unquestionable that elderly parents will find happiness and solace in a lot of new friends at the same their age. Indeed, there are many other elderly parents who live together in nursing home. As a result, elder parents could easily get on well with and share their hobbies, emotions to each other.

Additionally, most of the elderly parents are the same generation so they can easily understand mutually, talk and chat about every things. Therefore, they will not feel lonely or sad so much as being far from their children. Some people may disagree and claim that elderly parents might be lonely, self-pitying because of being far from their family and may not receive cares from their children. However, as stated previously, elderly parents will be provided best things to assist them in health even when they’re ill or weak.

Moreover, in nursing home, elderly parents have a lot of friends so they can share emotion and bare their soul to eachother. In present hectic life,additionally, their children’re busy with earning money for living whether they may spend time frequently on taking care of their elderly parents closely and being present when they really need help or not. Summary, for above reasons, nursing home is a good place for elderly parents living. it has necessary conditions that can help them have happy and comfortable life.

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