Think That Young People Today Are Less Dependent on Their Parents Than in the Past

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According to the author, young people today are becoming more independent from their parents due to technological advancements, busy adult lifestyles, and a wider range of leisure activities. The author argues that the accessibility of information through technology has allowed young people to become more self-reliant, whereas in the past, they relied on their parents for information. Additionally, busy adult lives mean that parents have less time to spend with their children, leaving them to solve problems on their own. Lastly, the author notes that the variety of extracurricular activities available to young people today means they can pursue their own interests and hobbies outside of their parents’ influence. Overall, the author concludes that students today are more self-sufficient than in the past.

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I think that young people today are less dependent on their parents than in the past. I have to say nowadays, based on advanced technology; young people’s diverse leisure activities and adults’ high rhythmical lives. The connections between parents and children become less and less, so students need to be self-independent. Firstly, the technical developments lead students to be independent. 100 years ago, people even did not have the concept of the computer which people use as an important tool to do many kinds works now. 00 years ago the information about something can only be got from young people’ parents owing to the fact they are the mentors of the young adults at that time. Young adults have no idea to look up the things they want from the other sources except their parents.

Secondly, parents now have no time to stay with their children. They have to work hard in order to make more money. Take my friend, Marisa as an example. She is a 14 year-old child and her parents even have no time to stay with her.

She has to think by herself every day when she reaches home, because her parents need to go to the different kinds of meeting until late at night. Not to mention the traffic jam in the city which always lasting to midnight. She needs to cook dinner, do some of the housework and something else. Thirdly, young children now have plenty kinds of extra-curricular activities that they can choose. In the past, people did not know what parkour means, the sport that young people enjoy.

Also many more fancy sports were not invented in the past. The young adults in the past had to play what their parents enjoy thanks to there are no teacher could teach but their parents, so they and their parents have the same hobby that can facilitate the relationship. To summarize students of today are more self-supporting than before, for they can do things by using sophisticated technologies, parents’ busy lives and the interests that attract people to do.

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