The World is Far From a Perfect Society

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In my opinion, the world is currently in an imperfect state with constant fighting between people. This can be seen in divisions such as democrats and republicans or due to ongoing wars that the government is attempting to end. To achieve a perfect society, there should be unity instead of division. This means having one political party working together for the best interests of the country. If there were no divisions, the country would experience increased happiness and eliminate debates about the likability of the president. Currently, individuals are engaging in activities such as going door to door and making phone calls to encourage votes for different candidates.

The ongoing state of politics has become tiresome due to the constant insistence on voting for either democrats or republicans, which is ideal if individuals were not subjected to such pressure. Additionally, there is concern about the impact of music, video games, and television on our minds as these mediums often promote alcohol and other harmful substances through lyrics. Furthermore, video games are filled with violence that can encourage reckless behavior. If these games, music, and TV shows did not exist, the prevalence of gangs, violence, and drugs would decrease significantly; thus allowing our society to thrive without these negative influences.

We would need to be concerned about athletes using steroids and implement drug testing in schools. My ideal society also involves living in the Caribbean with a limited number of rules. I believe there is excessive division among our political parties. Eliminating this division would encourage more people who currently do not vote to participate in elections. The undecided voters would make quicker decisions, ultimately cutting the election time in half. The political party would need to collaborate, cooperate, and consider all ideas put forward by their fellow senators, mayors, and other employees.

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